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Postal GiroBureau of Labor Insurance information query service

Last updated:2019/10/31 Print

This company provides a Bureau of Labor Insurance information inquiry service. We encourage postal ATM card holder who are workers to visit a post office in person to apply for this service.

Accepting post offices:
Apply at any post office savings & remittances counter; branch-limited accounts should go to the original post office where the account was established.
Application and cancellation procedures:
The applicant must bring his or her passbook, original retained seal, and ATM card, and must bring the following documents in accordance with his or her status to perform application and cancellation procedures:
ROC Nationals must present their National ID Card
Foreign nationals must present their passport and Resident Certificate (or Record of ID in ROC in the case of foreign nationals)
Residents of mainland China must present a Resident Certificate bearing an ROC unified ID number or Entry / Exit Permit.
Please fill out and affix your retained seal to an "Application form and letter of consent for use of a postal ATM card to query labor insurance and labor pension information at and ATM."
Inquiry method:
Starting 2 working days after the date of application, you may inquiry and print out the most recent 6 labor pension account balance information or labor insurance information in order of the date of occurrence at one of this company's ATMs.
If you have any questions concerning the results of your queries, please contact the Bureau of Labor Insurance during office hours at their service telephone: 02-23961266 ext. 3111.