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Postal GiroGiro savings

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General deposits
Explanation of procedures
Please fill out a postal giro deposit slip and submit it together with the deposit funds to a post office to make the deposit.When post offices deposit the funds, after consolidation by this company, a postal giro account statement and photocopy of the deposit will be sent to the account holder for checking.
The service fee will be deducted from the beneficiary's account.
In the case of deposits by another person and organizational account deposits when the main account is located in an administrative district outside of the municipalities or counties and cities where the assigned office has offices, the service fee will be deducted from the account for each deposited amount; in the case of individual account deposits by the principal and organizational account deposits by the principal in the same city or county, no service fee will be deducted, and no giro savings deposit photocopy (or file) will be provided for the transaction.
Deposit amount Service fee Deposit amount Service fee
NT$1,000 or under NT$15
NT$1,001 or over NT$20
Deposit amount Service fee NT$1,000 or under
Deposit amount Service fee NT$15
Deposit amount Service fee NT$1,001 or over
Deposit amount Service fee NT$20
Special account deposits
Explanation of procedures
In accordance with the Post Office's "Special account deposit slip regulations," a giro savings account holder must print out a postal giro special account deposit slip (or payment slip) bearing giro account number, payment sender code, and deposit amount barcodes, which should be provided to a post office for reading in a barcode reader; deposit information will be transmitted via the Internet back to the beneficiary account for writing off. Suitable payment types: insurance premiums, installment payments, credit card payments, school tuition and fees, union dues, and other special payments.
Service fees deducted from beneficiary account
Deposit amount Service fee
NT$100 and under NT$5
NT$101 to NT$1,000 NT$10
Over 1,001 NT$15
Deposit amount NT$100 and under
Service fee NT$5
Deposit amount NT$101 to NT$1,000
Service fee NT$10
Deposit amount Over 1,001
Service fee NT$15
Application procedures
Please fill out a "Postal giro account application for special savings account and ATM payment transfer agreement" in duplicate.
Please fill out a "Postal service information direct transmission application" in triplicate.
Print out five copies of a giro savings special account deposit slip (or payment slip) bearing barcodes.
Query service telephone (Giro Management Section, Chunghwa Post Savings & Remittance Department)
Special account service subsection (02) 23914582
(02) 23947992