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Postal GiroAutomatic payment of utilities bills and labor/health insurance premiums / service overview

Last updated:2019/10/31 Print
In order to provide account holder with a convenient, secure bill payment method, this company has initiated an automatic fee payment service; fee payment items are as follows:
Taipower electric charges, water charges, natural gas charges, labor insurance premiums, labor retirement pensions, pension insurance premiums, national health insurance premiums, employment stability charges, and Chunghwa Telecom charges.
Application method
Please fill out a "Postal passbook/ giro savings account entrusted post office fee payment initiation/termination application" in duplicate; when payments are to be made on behalf of a passbook depositor, please bring your savings passbook and original retained seal to any post office to apply (persons without an interbranch account must apply at the post office where the account was opened); when payments are to be made on behalf of a giro savings account depositor, please bring your original retained seal to the assigned office or security exchange office to apply.
Please submit a photocopy of the fee payment receipt for the most recent month; when applying for payment of pension insurance premiums, a payment receipt is not needed, but the applicant must present the insured's original National ID Card or a photocopy.
Account holders who have already applied for online post office services may use the online post office's "entrusted payment service" item to apply for this service.
Explanatory notes
With regard to this company's automatic fee payment service, no account transfer payments may be made if the account balance is insufficient, etc. If the entrusting depositor is fined or has services terminated by the fee-receiving agency, or suffers other losses and liabilities, the entrusting depositor must bear responsibility in all cases.
A detailed record of automatic payments made by this company will subsequently appear when the deposit's savings passbook is updated or the depositor is sent a giro statement, and receipts will be sent by the receiving agencies. If you have any questions concerning the amount, payment details, or fee rate of an automatic payment made by this company, please contact the receiving agency to make queries or obtain refunds or make supplemental payments.