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Postal GiroEnquiry For Giro Operation

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Business Inquiry
Postal Service inquiry provides you the sweet service!!
Auto voice inquiry system

Touch-tone Telephone Only
Customer agent:0800-700-365
payment number:(04)23542030 if you dial through a cell phone
Service List
General Service: no application fee need
Account statement inquiry account re-print service
Other postal giro inquiry service
Special registered service: need to apply the pin code for excess
Account balance inquiry
Transferring funds between savings account and postal Enquiry For Giro Operation.
Changing the pin code
Auto network inquiry system: 0:00 to 24:00 everyday
Procedure for applying assigned service:
Postal giro transferring accounts, which may need applying the pin code, please prepare the pass-book savings beforehand.
For applying postal giro transferring pin code should submit the personal photo I.D.(for applying non-personal account should submit the representative certification and print it into the applicant column), and applied original chop to the payroll office or security exchange office for assistance.
For applying, changing, closing the postal giro service should bring the seal to apply at the assigned office or at the security exchange office.
Appling post giro transferring account which has assigned receipts, please prepare the photo I.D. and the seal to the local post office or authorized check exchange office