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Postal ServicesPostage meter and postage paid

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How do I apply for postage paid stamps? How do I pay for them?

1. Same type of domestic mails that are sent more than 100 pieces a time, such as telecommunications bills and credit card bills.
Application: Fill out an application form with your local post office so as to self-print “postage paid” stamps on the cover according to post office format.
Payment: prepay one month's worth of estimated postage, followed by monthly payments before the 20th day of each month. Payment can also be made when mailing the batch of mails, as declared when applying.
2. Same type of domestic mails that are sent more than 20 pieces the same time: such as wedding invitations and class reunion notices.
Application: The post office is responsible for stamping “postage paid” marks one by one.
Payment: Pay on site.
3. International ordinary mail (prompt delivery, registered mail, express mail not included) may be sent at a designated post office in accordance with the above provisions.

Is there a standard specification for domestic “postage paid” stamps? Where on the cover should I print it?

Yes, the specification for domestic “postage paid” stamp is 2.5 cm wide by 3 cm long. For vertical style cover, it should be printed on the upper left corner, and for horizontal cover, upper right corner.

How do I apply for a self-printed “postage paid” stamp?

The sender may apply to his local post office to sign a “Self-printed ‘postage paid' stamp for bulk mail” agreement to get permission to do so. The over-the-counter application procedures are as follows:
1. The applicant should bring his national ID and a personal stamp. Those without Taiwan household registration (including nationals and foreigners) should bring his passport and residence certificate.
2. Applicant representing government agencies, public and private schools, state-run businesses and public institutions should bring organization stamp and signature or stamp of person in charge.
3. Applicants representing state-run or private companies should prepare the following documents:    
(1) Company registration papers.
(2) Photocopy of the national ID of the person in charge.
(3) Company seal and signature or stamp of the person in charge.
4. Private group or other group applicants:
(1) Official registration document.
(2) Photocopy of the national ID of the person in charge.
(3) A photocopy of any document containing a tax-paying account number.
(4) The application form shall be stamped with company seal and the signature or seal of the person in charge.
5. The applicant, if unable to apply personally, can entrust another person to conduct the over-the-counter procedure. The principal has to notify this on the application form, and both principal's and agent's national IDs are required.

Can I make a “postage paid” stamp on my own and stamp on my letters?

The post office-approved self-printed “domestic postage stamp” should be printed on the cover of the mail instead of being stamped by an individual stamp.

Can I send a mail whose postage meter stamp date doesn't match the date it is being sent?

The postmark date by postage meter must match the actual mail-sending date. If they don't match, there will be a surcharge at 0.5% of the original postage.

Is there a postage meter operating manual that we can use?

Yes, the post office has printed a brochure of “Simple Rules for Public to Use Postage Meter.” You can get one at your neighborhood post office.

How do I send mail with a postage meter stamp? Can I throw it into a mailbox?

Mail with a postage meter stamp must be sent over-the-counter. It will be considered unpaid if thrown into a mailbox.

Is there a reward for using a postage meter?

Yes. A postage meter user can receive a 0.5% reward from the post office for all the postage he actually pays per month. However, bulk mail with a single total value postage coupon doesn't qualify for rewards.

Can I get a refund on postage meter stamps?

Postage meter stamps will be considered cancelled stamps once used and cannot be refunded.

What is SOP for changing location of postage meter certificate?

It is necessary to notify the post office in writing about changing location of postage meter use.