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Postal ServicesValue-declared, insured, and COD mail

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What is insured mail?

It is registered mail reported by the sender of its value and paid with insurance fee before sending.

What is the procedure for sending insured mail?

When a sender wants to send insured mail, he should clearly write down recipient's name, address on the cover, and note the insured amount in formal Chinese digit characters, which are not modifiable. The maximum insured amount is NT$100,000. The sender's declared insured amount shall not exceed the real value of the content but can be just a part of it. Such mail can be sealed only after post office official examined the content. The cover will be sealed with an insurance sticker and stamped by the sender for security.

What is value declared mail?

Domestic registered mail or parcels become value declared mail if the sender reports the value of content and pays a value declaration fee.

What are the requirements for value declared mail?

Value declared letters are divided into two types: with flat money or other types of securities. The maximum value declaration for flat money letters is NT$10,000; for other securities letters, NT$50,000; for letters mixed with both, NT$50,000, but the sender can only declare flat money up to NT$10,000. Coins are not allowed for such letters. Certificates, securities, deeds, money orders, bills and all other valuable documents can be mailed as value declared letters.

Can COD mail be sent directly to the recipient?

All COD mail will be delivered directly to recipient address.

Can I refuse to receive COD merchandise delivered by post office because I didn't order it?

Yes, you can refuse to receive COD merchandise delivered by post office to avoid falling victim to a scam.

Can I return a COD parcel to sender if the content of the parcel doesn't match my order?

When the recipient opens a COD parcel and finds the content not ordered or a non-matching order, he can ask for a refund if his payment is still in the post office. The parcel and its content will be returned to sender under post office supervision. If the payment is paid through postal remittance and is already in sender's possession, recipient has to deal directly with sender.

How do I send COD mail? How is the payment collected?

The sender of COD mail should fill out a COD form, in which the sender should specify which type of account to transfer the payment to: postal remittance account with account name or post office number; or passbook account number and name.

Can I send COD mail abroad?

All types of post office provide domestic COD mail service, but not international service.

Is there any fee for a COD mail sender to make the post office remit payment into his postal remittance account or passbook account?

The post office will charge the COD mail sender the following fees after transferring payment into his postal remittance account or passbook account:
For postal remittance account : transfer fee exempted
For passbook account : transfer fee exempted