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What is the price for applying for proof of delivery of ordinary mail?

NT$20 per sheet of paper.

Is there a fixed schedule for mail collecting from a mailbox?

Different stops on a route have different mail collecting schedules, which can be seen near the bottom on the front side of each mailbox.

Can I wait for the mail collecting postman and ask him to give me back the registered mail I put into the mailbox earlier?

In order to maintain postal security, if you want to take back a letter you have already sent, you will be required to write down information identical to that on the cover of the letter you want back. If the information is correct, you can apply to take it back.

Must mail with a “domestic postage paid” stamp be sent in a post office? Is it OK to throw it into a mailbox?

The “domestic postage paid” stamp doesn't mean it's  actually paid, so you still need to take the letter with such a stamp to the post office to pay postage. If you throw it into a mailbox, it will be processed as unpaid mail.

Can I ask other private couriers to deliver a cover with “domestic postage paid” stamp on?

The “domestic postage paid” stamp is exclusive to post office use. It cannot be used without post office permission or given to other private couriers for delivery. If you want to give such a cover to private couriers, you have to cross out the “domestic postage paid” stamp.

Our company delivers a lot of mail every day. It is very time-consuming to stick stamps. Is there any simple way?

If your company delivers more than one hundred mails of the same type at once, you can apply to the post office for self-printed “domestic postage paid” stamp permission. Apply at your local office and you can print “domestic postage paid” in line with post office's standard format by yourself.