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How do I check a zip code?

Counties and cities whose zip codes and addresses are affected by municipality transformation.

1. On December 25, 2000, some counties and cities were transformed into municipalities:
(1) New Taipei City (formerly Taipei County)
(2) Taichung City (Taichung City merged with Taichung County)
(3) Tainan City (Tainan City merged with Tainan County)
(4) Kaohsiung City (Kaohsiung County merged with Kaohsiung City)

2. After some counties and cities were transformed into municipalities, the administrative districts of those municipalities did not change much, just name changes. So far, “township” has been changed to “district,” and “village” to “li.” Street names remain unchanged.

3. Please change the address to “○○City ○○○District” on the envelope for easy recognition.

4. As of December 25, 2000, Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. website was renewed simultaneously. Go to link: Services / Downloads / Zip code (including transcoding software).