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Postal ServicesDomestic Parcels

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Do I need a special bag for delivery of domestic parcels?

The post office offers its own discount pouches and boxes for parcel delivery. Currently there are 7 types and sizes available. They're durable and have good designs, and they carry price discounts, but they're not mandatory. Customers can use their own bags and boxes for sending parcels, but they will be charged with ordinary prices according to their size and weight. There is no discount.

What is the postage of domestic parcels?

Currently, domestic parcels under 5 kg in weight is NT$70 for same city or county, NT$80 for inter-city or inter-county, NT$100 for island destinations. For more info about domestic postage, please go to www.post.gov.tw and click price list links.

Are there limits to weight and size of domestic parcels?

1. Weight limit: no more than 20 kg per piece.
2. Size limit:
    (1) Size limit: not smaller than the minimum letter size (14 × 9 cm).
    (2) Scroll size limit: the value of (length + diameter) x 2 should be no less than 17 cm, and the largest side should not be less than 10 cm.
    (3) The total values of length + width + height should not exceed 150 cm.
    (4) Exception: for objects that can't be divided into smaller pieces, the upper weight limit is up to 30 kg apiece. Any side should be no more than 150 cm in length, and the total of values of length + width x 2 + height x 2 should not exceed 300 cm..