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Can I refuse to receive business reply mail?

Business reply mail subscriber cannot refuse to receive such mail sent by themselves.

What if a business reply mail subscriber forgets to pay postage?

If the user doesn't pay postage and handling fee on notice of the post office, his account will be terminated. The remaining paid postage in the account will be returned to the user, with no interest, after the unpaid postage is deducted. An account that hasn't been used the service for 3 years or has moved without giving the new address will also be terminated.

My company has stopped customer surveys, so we no longer need business reply mail service. Is there any special process to terminate it?

Yes, there is. Please fill out an application form for termination, bring the account card and prepaid postage receipt to the post office for processing.

When can I get a refund on my prepaid postage after terminating business reply mail service?

Two months after the termination, after the post office confirms that there is no unpaid postage, the prepaid amount will be fully refunded with no interest.

I received a business reply mail and found that the sender had paid part of the postage. Should I still pay full postage for that specific business reply mail?

The post office will deduct that paid postage from your due postage.

My company's business reply mail type is registered mail. If a replier changes the type of mail, will the post office deliver it?

If a replier changes the type of business reply mail by himself, he should pay the full amount postage of the new type mail. For example, if the business reply mail is ordinary type, and the replier wants to change it to special mail, he should pay full amount of that special mail and cross out the “business reply mail” sign on the cover. Such a mail may exempt the business reply mail subscriber from paying handling fee for that specific mail. However, if the replier doesn't pay full postage, the business reply mail subscriber should make up the payment and pay handling fee, too.

My company is moving. What is the process of changing the address for business reply mail?

If a business reply mail subscriber wants to change the address, a process of address change is required. The subscriber should fill out an application form, bring the account card and prepaid postage receipt to the post office for processing. The old letters with the old address should be abolished. New letters with the new address should be printed.

What are the specifications of business reply mail?

The business reply mail specifications are as follows:
1. Letter envelope size: (1) 10.5 × 22.2 cm (2) 11.4 × 16.2 cm (3) 12 × 23.5 cm (4) 16.2 × 22.9 cm

2. Postcard size: maximum 10.5 × 14.8 cm, minimum 9 × 14 cm.

3. The logo, text and symbols on the cover: all printed in black or blue.

4. Zip code red boxes specifications: (please refer to the specifications explained in a zip code book).
Grid color: red, vermilion or goldish red. Grid width: 0.5-0.6 mm

5. Paper quality: preferably over 100 lb white paper and over 180 lb white paper for postcards to facilitate machine handling.

What is the prepaid postage for business reply mail?

The prepayment should be equivalent to the postage of sending 2,000 domestic ordinary letters, or 2,000 domestic special delivery if the subscriber wants special delivery service.

Is there any handling fee in addition to postage for business reply mail?

Yes, there is a NT$1 handling fee for each piece of business reply mail letter.