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How do I check the update of my PO box mail receiving status (all registered mail)?

1. Please go to our website to check the number of mails in your PO box.
2. PO box renter can apply for email notification service:
(1) When all types of mail (ordinary letters excluded) are delivered or forwarded to the PO box waiting for claim, the post office will send an email to notify the renter to pick it up.
(2) If there are multiple number changes in the same PO box in one day, there will be only one email notification on the following day. (If all mails are picked up that day, there will be no email notification on the next day)

Can a minor rent a PO box?

A minor PO box renting applicant must present a valid ID (national ID or health insurance ID) and an approval signed by his legal guardian. A school student renting a personal PO box is only required to present a valid ID (national ID, health insurance ID, passport or resident certificate) and a valid student ID.

Can I receive parcel mail for postal PO box?

Yes. All types of mail can go to a PO box. However, shipments delivered by private couriers are not accepted.

Can I inquire the name, address and other information about a PO box renter?

According to Article 11 of the Postal Law, postal workers should keep all information they know in their work confidential, including PO box-related information. All mails ending in PO boxes are regarded as confidential information and are off-limits to any other people, except that the government or law enforcement agencies can ask to check such information with an official written request.

How do I apply to rent a PO box?

An applicant should go to a post office to take one application form and two personal stamp slips and go over-the-counter to process it after filling out the form.
Individual applicant : ROC nationals should present an ID (national ID, health insurance ID or driver's license); foreigners can present passport or resident certificate. The applicant presenting the national ID over the counter can pay the rent fee as soon as the national ID checks out.

How to renew the PO box after expiration of the lease?

The post office will notify the renter 40 days before expiration to renew the lease within 10 days after the notice. If the lease is not renewed within 1 month before the lease expires, the post office will deem that the renter has no willingness to renew and terminate the PO box on expiration date.

How to rent and terminate a PO box?

The rent is prepaid on a quarterly basis. The months of January, April, July and October are the payment month of each quarter. When the rent is terminated half-way, the refund is based on whole months – remaining days less than 30 days are not refunded. It's OK if the renter claims to waive the refund. There is an extra NT$400 deposit fee for the key, which should be returned after lease termination for the deposit back. You can go to your neighborhood post office to apply for the service.

What is the cost of renting a PO box?

You need to pay both rent and deposit for the key for PO box rental. The rent is NT$300 per year, half of which shall be prepaid upon application.

Can I send parcel mail via PO box?

Yes. All types of mail can go to or from a PO box. However, shipments delivered by private couriers are not accepted.

How do I claim mail from my PO box?

You can take ordinary mail simply by opening your PO box (anytime if outside the pot office; business hours if inside the post office). For parcels, express mail, value declared mail, insured mail and all types of registered mail, the post office will leave a notice tag in the PO box, and the renter has to claim them over-the-counter by presenting a valid ID (national ID, health insurance ID or driver's license) and signing for them.