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International Parcel PostOther Charges

Last updated:2021/03/08 Print
(Effective from Mar. 8, 2021)
Category Unit to which the charges apply Charges
Advice of delivery per item 18
International Parcel Duplicate receipt per item 14
Inquiry Free of charge
Request for withdrawal from the post or for alteration of address per item 24
Demurrage fee from the 16th day of retention, per additional day per item 6
Return charge "According to the number of SDRs listed in the parcel list" converted into New Taiwan dollars + "our country is charged according to the postage rates and charge for domestic parcel (1SDR=NT$47,Updates would be made if there are any changes)  
Insurance Insured value of NT$1,000 or less 20
Insured value over NT$1,000 for each additional NT$1,000 or fraction thereof 10
Emergency Situation Surcharge For outbound mail, such additional charge may be incurred due to soaring freight rate caused by emergency situations (e.g infectious disease epidemic/pandemic), and the rate chart will be announced monthly.


  • When the sender applies for the withdrawal of various international mail sent abroad, if it is still within the country, the relevant withdrawal fee shall be charged according to the domestic mail withdrawal fee (per item NT$ 15 ).