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Postal ServicesRegistered Mail Delivery Regulations and Bid Mail Processing Procedures

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Registered Mail Delivery Regulations and Bid Mail Processing Procedures:

1. When a mailpiece marked "Registered" on its cover and paid for by the sender, is numbered and registered by the post office or its entrusted third party with a mailing receipt issued, and delivered to the addressee or an authorized agent specified under regulations, it is viewed as a Registered Mail.
2. Registered mail sent to areas where home delivery is available will be delivered as follows:
(1) Except as otherwise provided in the Postal Act or Regulations Governing the Handling of Mail, each type of Registered Mail shall be delivered to the address written on the mail cover and shall be received by the addressee or any authorized third party specified in the Postal Act or Regulations Governing the Handling of Mail under their seals.
(2) The seal mentioned above may be substituted by a digital signature or by other means designated by the Post Office.
(3) If the addressee of each type of registered mail does not carry their seal but can produce identification documents, they may claim the mail with their full signature. In cases where their name is registered in both Chinese characters and Romanization, they shall choose one to sign. If necessary, the name and ID number shall be transcribed.
(4) In cases where the addressees of each type of registered mail hold a foreign passport, they may claim their mail with their signature. If necessary, the passport number and the name of the issuing country and institution shall be transcribed.
3. For registered mail sent to areas where deliveries will not be made to the delivery address written, the local post office will leave a Hold for Pickup notice for the recipient in the collective mailboxes set up for public reception. Other than that, the recipient may also actively notify the local post office in writing to forward the mail to a company or residence within areas where home delivery is available or designate in writing a post office to hold the mail for them to pick up.
4. Bid Mail is also one of the types of registered mail received and delivered by the Company. In addition to the above, please note the following:
(1) When posting "Bid Mail", please inform the post office staff. The mail flow information will be controlled throughout the process of receiving and delivering.
(2) For posting Bid Mail, it is recommended to use the "Tender Bidding Envelope" sold by our company. Please contact the postal service counter of any post office.
(3) When posting the Bid Mail, if the deadline for the tender is not indicated on the mail cover, the sender should inform the service personnel of the exact deadline for bidding.
(4) The Company's staff will not add any icon or text on the cover of the Bid Mail. Therefore, the sender should replace the cover if any alteration or deletion is marked on the addressee's name or delivery address. However, suppose the sender insists on not replacing the cover. Then, they should issue a declaration with their signature or seal, stating that they are willing to undertake the responsibility of possible tender invalidation due to visible alteration and deletion. In case of refusal to submit the declaration, the post office may refuse to accept the mail.
(5) If the recipient's address is outside the Speedpost service area, it should be mailed by registered mail instead. Otherwise, it will not be accepted.
(6) Suppose the Bid Mail is expected to fail to reach its destination in time due to the tight deadline and the sender still insists on posting the mail despite the Company staff's advice. In this case, the mailpiece may be accepted, with the shipping note of the mail being marked "the sender is willing to take responsibility if the documents fail to be delivered before the tender submission deadline".
(7) Bid Mail is not accepted by Post Agencies.
(8) To facilitate the mail sorting and centralized processing for the mail receiving unit, the Bid Mail will be sorted out and dispatched separately according to other special mail, e.g., Value-Declared Mail, Collect-on-Delivery and credit cards.
(9) This Company's mail handling staff will dispatch special mail such as Bid Mail, Value-declared Mail, Collect-on-Delivery, credit card, and so forth, with the word "Special Registered" on the hangtag for the convenience of the receiving unit to sort out and centralize the processing.
(10) Bid Mail will be sealed and transferred according to worker shift and will not be left arbitrarily. If there are no more shifts on the day of local delivery and the mail needs to be transfered to the next day's morning shift, the list will be registered and sealed in a special bag, and then handed over to the supervisor to be locked into the metal cabinet for handover.
(11) The Company's mail unit staff will take care that the mail cover is not defaced by ink or soiled inkpad, and will not arbitrarily underline or circle the envelope of the tender mail, or damage the seals of the bid envelope.
(12) The Company will strengthen the safety monitoring and control of the operation site for special registered mail. We will regularly check whether the installed video surveillance equipment is functioning properly, whether the light is sufficient, and whether the angle of the surveillance camera is appropriate, to effectively eliminate dead corners and enhance the surveillance function. In addition, the site's door control will be strengthened to prohibit the entry and exit of uninvolved personnel strictly, and operators will not be allowed to bring personal clothing or bags into the workplace.
(13) At the end of the evening shift every day, the mail handling personnel of the Company will list the Bid Mail awaiting delivery brought back by the delivery personnel, no matter if it is Speedpost, prompt registered mail or ordinary registered mail. The mail will then be locked into a safe or a metal cabinet, waiting to be handed over to the delivery personnel to sign for and deliver the next day (shift).
(14) Bid Mail is submitted to institutions, schools, troops, state (public) or private companies, and so forth (hereinafter referred to as institutions or agencies). For those institutions or agencies in the delivery area, each post office will compile an address list to strengthen monitoring and checking of imported Bid Mail.
(15) If there is Bid Mail from the agencies or institutions mentioned in the preceding paragraph within the delivery area of the postal agency and outsourced contractor, the Company will pay special attention and take preventive measures to make sure the contractor complies with the regulations.
(16) For those who write both the address and P.O. Box number on the Bid Mail cover, all prompt registered mail and Speedpost mail will be delivered to the place of the address mentioned on the cover (except for those who have obtained a written authorization letter from the tenderer), and all ordinary registered mail will be delivered to the P.O. Box.
(17) If there is only a P.O. Box number written on the Bid Mail's cover, it shall be delivered to the P.O. Box and shall not be changed to the address at the request of the tender authority or organization.
(18) If the imported Bid Mail cover is damaged, a damage report printed by the post office can be issued at the request of the recipient.
(19) For the Speedpost Bid Mail and Prompt Registered Bid Mail that is received and delivered by the same post office, the supervisor of our delivery unit will ensure that the delivery of the Bid Mail is within the time limit announced by our company to the public. If necessary, we will send motorized personnel to deliver the mail.
(20) If our delivery unit receives Speedpost Bid Mail outside of the Speedpost delivery area, we will still try to deliver it under the principles of Speedpost mail. And if there is an appropriate shift available, we can also hand it over for delivery, that is, we will try our best to complete its delivery as fast as possible.
(21) To avoid delays, imported EMS and prompt registered Bid Mail will be carried following the prescribed schedule, and will not be delivered every other shift or every other day (except for those who have obtained a written authorization letter from the tenderer).
(22) The storage area (warehouse) for special mail will be illuminated by motion detection lights to facilitate the regular operation of the monitoring equipment.
5. For the transit time of various types of registered mail, please refer to Chunghwa Post Website/Inquiry/Postal Service/Transit Time/Transit Time of Domestic Ordinary Mail (including Ordinary Registered Mail), Transit Time of Prompt Delivery Mail (including Prompt Registered Mail), Transit Time of Domestic Parcel, and Transit Time of Domestic Speedpost