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Postage RatesPrice list of all kinds of envelopes and packaging materials on sale at post offices

Last updated:2021/12/20 Print
*If you have any requests, please contact each post office to inquire about the quantity of stock available.

Name of Product Price(NT$)
Domestic Postcard 5
Ordinary Mail Envelope 9
Prompt Delivery Mail Envelope 16
Registered Mail Envelope 29
Europe, Africa, Central & South American Countries Aerogramme 14
USA & Canada Aerogramme 12
Asian & Oceanic Countries Aerogramme 11
Hong Kong & Macau Aerogramme 8
Standard Envelope–Horizontal Type 1
Standard Envelope–Vertical Type 1
Airmail Envelope 1
Value-Declared Envelope 2
International Insured Mail Envelope 10
Domestic Insured Mail Envelope(Large) 5
Domestic Insured Mail Envelope(Medium) 3
Tender Bidding Envelope 5
Large-Sized Brown Standard Envelope (Horizontal) 32.4cm x (Wide) 22.9cm, and a 3-cm Flap 3
Medium-Sized Brown Standard Envelope (Horizontal) 22.9cm x (Wide) 16.2cm, and a 2-cm Flap 2
B4-Sized Brown Standard Envelope (Horizontal) 38.8cm x (Wide) 28.8cm, and a 3-cm Flap 8
Large-Sized Bubble Brown Envelope (43x28) cm 20
Medium-Sized Bubble Brown Envelope (26.5x18.4) cm 10
Large-Sized Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes (39x32x43) cm 45
Medium-Sized Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes (29×21×32) cm 30
Small-Sized Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes (23×16×18) cm 20
Flat-Sized Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes (23×16×7) cm 15
EZ Packet 1 (approx. 28x16) cm 1
EZ Packet 2 (approx. 32×23) cm 2
EZ Packet 3 (approx. 38×28) cm 2
Domestic Postcards 8pcs/set 40
Legal Attest Letter Sheet 1
Kraft Paper (A1-Sized, 1pc) 6