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Letter-Post ItemsEZ Packet

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Package style
Package style Size(cm) Packaging materials sales price(NT$) Postage fee (NT$)
EZ Packet 1 (orange) approx. 28x16 1 36
EZ Packet 2 (green) approx. 32x23 2 48
EZ Packet 3 (blue) approx. 38x28 2 60

EZ Packet
Service Introduction
The contents of the package can only be shipped at normal temperature and within 1 kg of weight. (Tips: small items and printed materials are allowed.)
Flat-rate nationwide delivery service regardless of whether located on the main island or outlying islands.
EZ Packet packaging materials sales price and postage fee bear promotional prices, no additional discount will be given. A further announcement will be made if there is any adjustment.
Since the material used for the packet is plastic and after one shipment, it will be torn and may affect the integrity of the next shipment, so we will not accept repeated use of the packet.
For the convenience of online shoppers and online auctioneers, collection on delivery services are available for an additional relevant postage fee.
Except for the included registered mail service and collection on delivery, prompt delivery mail, value-declared, insured mail, advice of delivery and duplicate advice of delivery and so on, when you change to other mail types, you do not need to change the package. All you need is to cross out the relevant words and barcode on the old package (such as the words "EZ Packet*", the descriptive words and barcode) and the postage rates will be calculated according to the type of mail service required.
EZ Packet is made of flexible film-type packaging materials, and the following items are not accepted for shipment in the packet:
Liquid items.
Fragile items.
Precision electronic products such as tablet PCs and cell phones.
EZ Packet can only be handled like registered mail. If you do not send it by registered post or just put it into the mailbox; according to the regulations, it will be treated as Unpaid or Underpaid Mail, and the difference in postage and the handling fee for Unpaid or Underpaid Mail will be charged according to the "EZ Packet" respective rates.
Returned undeliverable mail will be charged a return fee based on the EZ Packet fee.