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Letter-Post ItemsInternational ePacket Service Introduction

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International ePacket refers to the business of exporting from Taiwan to the country (region) of destination or importing from other countries (regions) to Taiwan, and distributed respectively according to the delivery time limit of ordinary letter-post items in the country of destination and Taiwan.
International ePacket is classified as international ordinary letter-post item, delivered to the delivery address, exempt from recipient's signature. In addition, inquiry and indemnity for International ePacket are not accepted, only providing the online tracking service.


Posting at any post office.
Please fill out the ePacket dispatch note (Form No. 98-00-15-17) or log on to EZPost (ezpost.post.gov.tw) to declare the information of your mail and print the dispatch note. Then deliver it together with your packet to the post office for posting. The ePacket dispatch note can be obtained at any post office.


Weight limit: Each piece shall not exceed 2 kg.
Size limit:
Maximum dimensions per piece.
The maximum length of one side shall not exceed 60 cm, and and 90 cm for the sum of the length, width and height.
Minimum size per piece:Must not be less than 14 cm multiplied by 9 cm.
Weight and size limits are the same as for international small packet.

Day of dilivery

Unit: Working day
Country (Region) of Destination Estimated Delivery Time
France 7~10 days
Germany 7~10 days
Indonesia 6~8 days
Israel 8~10 days
Japan 6~7 days
South Korea 6~7 days
Malaysia 6~8 days
Russian Federation 8~11 days
Norway 8~11 days
New Zealand 7~10 days
Canada 30~40 days
Poland 9~15 days
Denmark 13~16 days
The Philippines 10~12 days
Singapore 6~7 days
Thailand 6~8 days
United Kingdom 7~10 days
Vietnam 6~8 days
Hong Kong 5~6 days
Australia 21~30 days
Netherlands 7~9 days
Lithuania 8~11 days
The estimated delivery time listed in the table is counted from the day of delivery, excluding holidays, customs clearance time, etc.
The estimated delivery time listed in the table refers to delivery to major cities, with an additional transit time of 1~2 days for suburban or remote areas.
If the flight is delayed or canceled due to weather conditions, the estimated delivery time will also be delayed.

Prohibited items

1. According to the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention, the following items are prohibited from being sent:
Item Content
Sharp metals and so on Any item whose nature or packaging may injure workers or deface other mail or postal equipment. Metallic clasps and needles used to seal mail shall not have sharp edges and shall not interfere with the performance of postal services.
Valuables and so on Antiques, works of art, jewelry, paintings, platinum, gold or silver, whether processed or unprocessed, coins and marketable securities, and so forth. *Marketable securities include bank bills, banknotes, bearer bonds, cheques, corporate bonds, dividend certificates, promissory notes, share certificates, stock certificates, traveler's cheques, treasury bills, bills of lading, and so forth.
Items prohibited for import by the country of destination Items whose importation or circulation is prohibited by the laws of the country to which they are sent.
Live animals Live animals are not allowed to be posted for delivery.
Obscene materials Obscene materials or items harmful to society's morals.
Dangerous goods Explosive, flammable, or other dangerous goods, radioactive materials.
Narcotics Drugs and other narcotic substances.
Other items prohibited from posting for delivery Items prohibited by government or customs laws and regulations, counterfeit goods, and infringing products.

Note: The "Regulations Governing the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air" has been implemented on February 25th, 2008. And the violation of the air transport of dangerous goods (all 3C products containing lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries and high-pressure spray cans are classified as such) is punishable by a fine of more than NTD 20,000 but less than NTD 100,000 according to the Civil Aviation Act.

2. Each country has its wide range of prohibited items per its laws and the authority and responsibility of its customs. In case of doubt, please contact the customs services of the destination country.