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Visa Debit CardCardholder Notice

Last updated:2019/10/29 Print
How to Safely Make Purchases with Your Card:
Always be aware of card skimming, especially when you use your Postal VISA Debit Card abroad (making overseas purchases and withdrawals). In some countries, the traditional magnetic stripe is still commonly used.
For card security, never let your card out of your sight.
To maintain your rights, when making a payment, never sign on blank or incompletely filled out receipts.
Make sure the card number and transaction amount on receipts are correct before signing.
The signature style on receipts must match the signature on the back of your card.
If an error occurs or you wish to cancel the transaction during purchases, be sure to destroy each copy of the receipts, or ask for a refund slip or proof of returned goods.
Make sure that the store personnel return your card.
After purchases, keep your receipts well and check your transaction details on statements regularly.
If you wish to make payments by direct debit with your Postal VISA Debit Card, you need to know that there's a risk of fraudulent card use and personal information loss or theft.
When you make purchases, the funds will be held on your available balance of your passbook account. Once transactions are settled, the funds will be deducted from the account.
In overseas transactions, the actual deducted amount, which may differ from that of the fund held due to currency fluctuations, is determined by the settled amount.
If you have made purchases, but your available balance on your account at the time of deduction is insufficient (due to exchange rate changes, for instance), you still bear responsibility for payments.
If you have any issue about your transaction details, please contact our 24/7 customer service center immediately at 0800-700-365 (from cell phone: 04-23542030; from overseas, please call: +886-4-2354-2030).