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    Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the "Company") is committed in respecting all users' personal privacy, being in accord with the Personal Information Protection Act of Republic of China and Company's personal information protection policy. The Company hereby declaring the following statements in regards with the collection, processing, use and protection of user's personal information:

  1. Scope of Use:

    This privacy protection policy is applicable to the activities involving the collection, processing, use and international transmission of personal information on websites, domains, services, and applications provided by the Company. When different privacy policy or statement is designated for a specific network or service, that particular privacy policy or statement will replace or serve as a supplement for this privacy protection policy.
    The Company's website links to other sites or pages that are not belong to the Company, please be aware that different policy might be applied, and the Company is not responsible for the content or customer information security protection of that website.
  2. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information:

    DThe Company provides services including: postal services, postal savings, remittance and insurance services, agency services, other financial management services, and other services in consistent with the registered scope of business or articles of association. The following classes of personal information would be collected, processed and used by the Company:
    a) identification (such as Chinese and English names, national identification card numbers, etc.);
    b) characteristic (such as dates of birth, nationalities, etc.);
    c) social status (such as occupation, membership, hobbies, etc.);
    d) or, financial details (such as income, debts, credit rating, etc.). Company will not collect the personal information of the users browsing or downloading files from its website. On a basis of respecting your rights and comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, the Company will not obtain your personal information without consent.
    Your personal information will be required during the validity of contract or implementing business operations, whether in electronic or paper form, transmitted domestically or internationally to the following entities for processing and use:
    a) The Company;
    b) Correspondent banks;
    c) Joint Credit Information Center;
    d) National Credit Card Center of R.O.C;
    e) The Taiwan Clearing House;
    f) Financial Information Service Co. Ltd.;
    g) International organizations for credit cards;
    h) Acquiring banks or agencies;
    i) Credit guarantee institutions;
    j) Business outsourcing agencies;
    k) Recipients of international transmission of personal information that are not constrained by the central industry competent authority;
    l) Companies participating in joint marketing or customer information exchanging with the Company;
    m) Organizations cooperating with the Company for promotional purposes;
    n) Other organizations that the Company has business relationships with;
    o) Authorities with legislative investigative power;
    p) Financial supervisory authorities;
    q) Others.
    Personal information, such as name, age, gender, occupation, contact information, email address, etc., might be requested when you choose to become a client or member of the Company, or participate in certain events. The purpose of collecting the aforementioned personal information is to deepen our understanding of clients in order to deliver better services. The Company's personal information management objectives and policies serve as guiding principles in the collection, processing and use of personal information. Together with a holistic security and maintenance plan in place for personal information, you can be reassured of the security of personal information provided to the Company. Selling or disclosing the personal information collected to any individuals or entities is strictly prohibited, as well as, use of personal information by internal employees without authorization. The Company will strictly protect the personal information collected. Ones must be authorized before using the personal information under appropriate circumstances, and related records shall be maintained by the Company.
  3. Rights of Users:

    According to the regulations, it is of the Company's duty to protect every client's personal information. In order to protect one's interests, the option of not to provide the information is available. However, if the required personal information is not provided or incomplete, the Company might not be able to deliver certain services.
    In accordance with Article 3 of Personal Information Protection Act of Republic of China, you may exercise the following rights regarding your personal information by contacting the Company's customer service center or visiting any branch of post offices
    a) Request to inquire, review or make duplications of the personal information. According to law, the Company may charge a reasonable fee to those who exercise the aforementioned request.
    b) Request to supplement or amend any inaccuracies of the personal information, with reasonable explanation provided for such request.
    c) Request to discontinue collection, processing, use, as well as the deletion of personal information. However, in accordance with the regulations, the Company has the rights to refuse such request when the personal information is required for business operations.
  4. Information Sharing and Disclosure:

    Under the following circumstances, the personal information may be provided to third parties or used outside the specific purpose and required scope:
    a) With your prior consent;
    b) In needs of sharing your information with third parties for the provision of required services;
    c) Comply with the laws or governmental requirements;
    d) When your behavior violates the Company's service agreement, or specific terms of use of other products or services.
    e) You are allowed to leave your email address on discussion forum or bulletin of the Company's websites for interaction and communication purposes. However, this information might be used by other users through internet transmission. The Company is not responsible for such behavior, as it is beyond the control of the Company.
  5. Automated Data Collection Tool:

    If you browse the Company's website with personal settings and as a member, the website will embeds a cookie (a small text file with ID tags) on that specific computer for single visit only. This cookie does not contain information that can be used to recognize your identities (i.e. name, contact numbers, address, email address, etc.). Instead, it only records the personal settings you made on the website. Once you close the web page, this cookie will cease to be effective.
    The Company's web server has the ability to read the cookies of your activities on the Company's website, but not the records of activities on other websites. You can disable cookie by changing the browser settings. However, setting your browser to reject all cookies might means that you will be unable to enjoy personalized settings and related services for members only.
    If you visit the Company's website, the web server will automatically record certain information, such as the websites accessed, the domain names used, etc. Information obtained is used as the basis of assessment for system improvements, website traffic analysis, website visitor survey, and other evaluations. None of the information is tied to user's personal information; such information will only be used for statistical analysis and other internal references, in order to enhance the service quality of Company's website.
  6. Declarations of Information Security:

    Because there is no 100% guaranteed safe transmission over the Internet, the Company is strive to protect the security of all users' personal information with reasonable techniques and procedures. Under certain circumstances, standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security system will be used on Company's website to guarantee the security of data transmission. Simultaneously, appropriate network security protection mechanism (such as firewall, etc.) will be adopted to ensure rigorous protection of user's information.
    To protect your privacy and security, we remind you to update antivirus software periodically. Do not reveal your personal information, code, password or any other confidential information to individuals or other agencies. Keep in mind that browsers open on shared or public computer should be closed after using, in order to prevent others from obtaining your personal information.
  7. Revisions to Privacy Protection Policy:

    Taking into consideration of protecting customer's personal information, the Company reserves the rights to modify this privacy protection policy anytime due to the changes of regulations or technologies. Should the policy undergo certain changes, the revised version of policy shall be effective once posted on the Company's Chunghwa Post Global Information Network website.
  8. Inquiry and Suggestion about Privacy Protection Policy:

    If you have any question regarding to the Company's privacy protection policy, personal information protection policy, or any doubts in relation to the personal information, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending feedbacks to our "Suggestion Box", or calling the Customer Service Center.