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Visa Debit CardPostal Digital VISA Card

Last updated:2023/09/05 Print

Postal Digital VISA Card:

Features: Apply Online, Setup Online, Checkout Online.
Apply and add to our APP for Postal ATM Cardholders. No physical card will be issued.
Get instant access for online use, such as card detail inquiry, card feature setting and spending limit adjustment.
Widely accepted on websites and mobile payment apps or digital wallets (such as Taiwan Mobile Pay or Google Pay) for online purchases.
No cash advance or Pay Later. Payments with Postal Digital VISA Card are deducted directly from the Postal Passbook Savings account.
As Postal Digital VISA Card is activated, physical Postal ATM Card remains valid, which is still available for cash withdrawals, deposits, money transfers and bill payments.
How to Apply:
Get started on our APP (Apply for our APP) (Download our APP iOS Android)
Postal ATM Cardholder over the age of majority (excluding valid or expired Visa Debit Cardholders).
Postal Digital VISA Card is issued digitally without a physical card.
Card application and inquiry requires our APP with device authentication. Please keep your card information confidential. Contact our customer service center or log into our APP immediately for card cancellation if card information is leaked.
If your physical card is reported lost, you can continue to make payments with your Postal Digital VISA Card added to mobile payment Apps (HCE VISA Card, Google Pay). If you want to cancel your Postal Digital VISA Card, please log into our APP or contact our customer service center.
Spending Limits, shared across physical, digital and virtual cards (HCE VISA Card, Google Pay), can be adjusted through our APP, Web ATM, customer service center or at counter.
Please reapply for Postal Digital VISA Card when expired.
In addition to the Postal Digital VISA Debit Card Terms and Conditions stipulated herein, if there is anything not covered regarding the use of the Postal Digital VISA Debit Card feature, the clauses on the Postal VISA Debit Card Terms and Conditions and all applicable regulations of Chunghwa Post shall prevail.
Card Introduction:
More information about Postal Digital VISA Card design.