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ATM CardAbout ATM Card

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ATM Card

Postal ATM Cards allow you to securely and conveniently access various financial services at any time in any place:

There are over 3,000 postal ATMs commonly located at post offices, retail stores, supermarkets, railway stations, and etc. Postal ATMs provides 24/7 non-stop financial services. With your Postal ATM Card, you can make withdrawals, deposits, transfers, balance inquiry, PIN changes, bill/tax payments, Bureau of Labor Insurance inquiry, policy loans/payoff and Smart Pay.
You can easily connect us via WebATM anytime and anywhere, with your personal computer and a card reader to make your life easier and more efficient. WebATM provides most of the postal ATM services, such as transfers, balance inquiry, PIN changes, bill/tax payments, policy loans/payoff, transaction detail inquiry (including transactions unlisted in passbook and giro statements), and commonly-used non-designated transfer destination account setting, etc.
Postal ATM Cards have no cash advance, continuing transfers, installment payments, or recurring payments. We will never instruct you to change any settings for your card by phone.
If you do receive a phone call displayed as our customer service center voice hotline 0800-700-365 or a post office phone number, it's a scam call. Please Do Not press the callback button. Just hang up and call "165 Anti-fraud Hotline" or our customer service center for further assistance. Our customer service center toll-free hotline: 0800-700-365. From a mobile, please call (04) 2354-2030.
If your Postal ATM card is lost, please report a lost card immediately to a post office or customer service center and apply for card replacement or termination at any post office. (For branch-limited account holders, please visit your home branch). A NT$100 replacement fee is required. See Required Application Documents under How to Apply for Postal ATM Card. Our 24/7 customer service center toll-free hotline: 0800-700-365. From a mobile, please call (04) 2354-2030; from overseas, please call +886-4-2354-2030.
It is the responsibility of a cardholder to safeguard his/her Postal ATM Card and PIN and bear relevant risks prior to lost card report and payment suspension. We strongly suggest you not keep your card and PIN in the same place or share them with others.