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Centennial Anniversary of James L. Maxwell’s Death Commemorative Issue

2021 marks the centenary of the death of Dr. James L. Maxwell. In commemoration of his contribution to Taiwan, Chunghwa Post has released one NT$28 stamp. The stamp depicts a portrait of Dr. Maxwell with a glimpse of the Thài-Pêng-Kéng Maxwell Memorial Church in the background.
Dr. James L. Maxwell was born in Scotland in 1836 and graduated from Edinburgh University Medical School. On June 16, 1865 he began his work as a medical missionary at Khòan-sai Street, Tainan. The Khòan-sai Street Clinic was the first Western-style clinic in Taiwan. Dr. Maxwell combined medical work with his preaching. He trained staff and assisted innumerable patients, earning him the title Father of Taiwan’s Medical Missionaries.

The further information about this issue is as follows:
1. First day of issue: March 5, 2021
2. Sheet composition: 18 (6 × 3)
3. Paper used: Phosphorescent stamp paper
4. Drawer: Shen Cheen
5. Designer: Highlight Creative Co., Ltd.
6. Printer: Central Engraving and Printing Plant
7. Stamp size: 32 × 40 (mm)
8. Color: Colorful
9. Process: Intaglio/offset
10. Perforation: 12½
(1) First Day Cover (162 mm × 114 mm): NT$2 apiece
(2) Folder (with or without mount): NT$5 apiece
(3) Loose-leaf album page: NT$8 apiece
(4) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with one NT$28-denominated stamp: NT$30 apiece
To purchase the relative philatelic products, please go directly to the post office branches, Postal Museum or order on line at https://stamp.post.gov.tw.

A commemorative cachet will be available at Postal Museum and post office branches throughout the country on the issuing date of the stamps.