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Last updated:2024/04/19 Print


To catch up on the trend of financial technology industrial transformation, we have joined the platform of Open API, which established by FISC (Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.) and BA (The Bankers Association of the Republic of China), and cooperated with Third-Party Service Provider (TSP) to provide customers with more convenient banking information inquiry. We gradually activate this service in different 3 phases.

Current available services are Phase 1- Public Product Information Inquiry and Phase 2 – Consumer Information Inquiry. Through TSP integration, customers can immediately access to financial services with more convenience and efficiency.

Phase 1: Public Product Information Inquiry
1.Deposit Savings Categories
2.Passbook Savings in NTD Information
3.Time Deposit Savings in NTD Information
4.ATM Service Information
5.Foreign Currency Information
6.Foreign Exchange Rate
Third-Party Service Provider:
MoneyBook APP2, 3, 6Moneybook Co., Ltd.https://moneybook.com.tw/
Phase 2: Consumer Information Inquiry
1.Passbook Savings in NTD Balance Inquiry
2.Time Deposit Savings in NTD Balance Inquiry
3.Passbook Savings in NTD Transaction History Inquiry
Third-Party Service Provider:
集保e手掌握 APP1, 2, 3Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corp.https://epassbook.tdcc.com.tw/

1.The information that TSP provided is mainly based on each Financial Institution.
2.The relevant information disclosed by TSP is for reference only. Please refer to our official website announcement for further content.