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Suspension of All Airmail Services to Israel, and Important Notes for Sending Mails Overseas

  • Updated on:112/10/12
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1. Affected by the war, the airmail route to Israel has been interrupted. All airmail services to Israel have been suspended.
2. If your mail sent to Israel has not been exported recently, Chunghwa Post will return your mail as soon as possible, and please take the dispatch note to the originating office for the return of the postage.
3.Airmail services to Bahrain, Türkiye, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia and Morocco do not send toy guns or weapons (including parts); in addition, the contents of the mail should not contain any liquid items (such as toothpaste, sauce, lotion, etc.), any battery type (such as dry cell, Carbon-Zinc cell, etc.), so as to avoid the mail being confiscated by the customs.
4.Due to shortage of airline capacity after the pandemic, airmail services to many destinations may be subject to delay.