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Last updated:2023/07/12 Print

[歷史消息]New Shipping Process for Goods Sent to the UK, Switzerland, Norway, and Canada

  • Updated on:112/07/12
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We would like to inform you of an important update regarding the shipment of goods (including ordinary packet, registered packet, ePacket, Parcel and EMS) to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, and Canada, effective from August 1, 2023. To ensure a smooth and expedited customs clearance process for your shipment, we kindly request that you utilize our online platform, "EZPost," before proceeding with the shipment.

EZPost provides a convenient way for you to enter your shipment details and generate the necessary shipping labels and commercial invoices. By using EZPost, the electronic customs information (ITMATT) will be automatically transmitted to the postal authorities in the destination country, expediting the customs clearance process. Shipments sent with hand-written paper shipping labels may be subject to return, and customers will be responsible for any associated return fees.

We invite you to visit EZPost and you will find comprehensive tutorials and examples that will guide you through the process of generating shipping labels and commercial invoices.

Thank you for your continued support.