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International Postal Services impact due to COVID-19

  • Updated on:113/02/01
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1. Chunghwa Post announced today that, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, airlines have suspended flights, so airmail services (including air parcel and EMS) to many destinations are suspended. Currently, Airmail services are available to 102 destinations.
(1)Parcel and Letter-Post Services are available to Myanmar、Bangladesh、Croatia、Vatican、Mongolia、Brunei Darussalam、Monaco、Morocco、Palau、Lebanon、Ecuador、Costa Rica、Algeria、Mauritius、Tonga、Fiji、French Polynesia、Kazakhstan、Qatar、Georgia、Liechtenstein、Malta、El Salvador、Nicaragua.
(2)Only Letter-Post service is available to Nepal、Tanzania、Madagascar、Congo(Rep.)、St. Lucia、Belarus、Puerto Rico.
(3)The destinations do not include their territories or outlying islands.

2. Airmail services to many destinations may be subject to delay.

3. Many destinations do not provide the proof of delivery.

4. No delay compensation for EMS.