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The Labor Day Holiday Usual Delivery for Speedpost Services

       During the Labor Day holiday, starting from May 1st to 3rd, 2020, all Post Office business counters will remain closed except for the one at the National Palace Museum, Taipei (National Palace Museum Post Office) which will be open as usual to provide foreign exchange transactions,  philatelic services and sales of agential goods services.

       During the extended weekend holiday, neither delivery of parcels, express and ordinary mail, nor collection of mail from roadside mailboxes will be made. However, in response to the customers’ needs for Speedpost mail delivery, this service will continue as usual and be available at every post office that operates a Postal Affairs Section (Speedpost Subsection) and at the Postal Affairs Subsection of post offices where watchman or security guard services are available. Speedpost services include the collection and delivery of Domestic Speedpost and International EMS. Please be informed that International EMS services are also available at the Taipei Mail Processing Center, the International EMS Subsection of the International Air Mail Section and the Air Freight Subsection (Address: No.18, Hangqin North Road, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City).

       Due to being unable to access to Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, for printing export permit of mask, the above-mentioned sections and subsections will not accept any out-going EMS items containing permit-required masks.

       Local Post Offices around the country where ATMs, PO Boxes, iBoxes and Self-Service Post Offices still serve the public 24 hours a day. Welcome to avail these services!

Contact person and telephone number:
Mr. LEE, JU-LII - Department of Mail Business & Operations
Tel. No.: 02-23921310 ext. 2352