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[歷史消息]“3+3 ZIP Code” makes mail delivery much faster and easier

To improve the efficiency of mail processing, Chunghwa Post launched the new “3+3 ZIP Code System” on March 3rd, 2020. With the new system in effect, the first 3 numbers of the ZIP code remains unchanged, while the last 3 numbers, “Delivery Zone Code”, are extended to 3-digit from 2-digit, in order to simplify handling process, increase mail sorting efficiency, and improve delivery accuracy.

Chunghwa Post issues new “Delivery Zone Code” exclusively for bulk mail senders and recipients, including large institutes, companies, schools and commercial buildings. Moreover, the bulk mail recipients’ addresses with “3+3 ZIP Code” can be printed out on the covers through computers, it can not only bring convenience to mail processing but also offer speedy delivery service for the recipients.

The ZIP code, an address coding system, is for organizing mail automatically and delivering mail rapidly. Chunghwa Post has implemented the “3+2 ZIP Code” for 29 years since February 1st, 1991, and executes “3+3 ZIP Code” this year.

Chunghwa Post calls for the public to follow this new measure. Please put “3+3 ZIP Code” on mail to facilitate the operation of mail processing.