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Format for Addressing EnvelopePrinting and Affixing Position of Designation Strip for Name and Address on Horizontal-Type Envelope for Domestic Mail

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Printing and Affixing Position
Illustration: (1) Illustration
Printing and Affixing Position Illustration
The designation strip for the name and address shall not be less than 70mm long and 25mm wide. The address typeface's length and width shall not be less than 4 mm. The postal code typeface shall be 2.4 mm to 6 mm in length, with a vertical/horizontal ratio of 1.2 or more, and a computer print position density of 24 x 24 dots or more, with equal spacing between the numbers and a spacing of 0.6 mm or more.
The recipient's postal code, address and name are printed as follows:
The designation strip for the name and address of the recipient and the transparent display window are printed in horizontal type.
Line 1 is printed with the postal code (do not print other numbers after it), and the sender's address is at least 15 mm apart.
Line 2(3) is printed with the address of the recipient.
Line 3(4) is printed with the name or company or trade name.
Each line is separated by a spacing of 2mm or more, and the number of information other than the address is printed at the bottom of the designation strip for name and address.
The sender's address is printed on the top left corner or at the back of the envelope. If printed in the upper left corner, please use smaller typeface and do not exceed half the length and width of the envelope.
To be machine-readable, the designation strip for name and address should be glued within the dotted line of the graphic illustration, with a 1 mm space between the top and bottom and an inclination of 5 degrees or less. It should be 15mm from the left edge of the envelope, 40mm from the right edge, 15mm from the top edge of the sender's address, and 20mm from the bottom edge of the envelope for ink-jet printing barcode.