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Domestic ParcelDomestic Parcel Service Description

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Domestic parcels refer to parcels sent from one place to another within the country's territory.
All post offices receive and deliver domestic parcels according to registered parcel procedures.
Letters can be enclosed in domestic parcels, but they will be billed separately and marked with the words "Mixed Mail for Delivery" on the cover, otherwise, they will be treated as postage due mail once they are detected.


According to the distance and transportation conditions, the package shall be adequately sealed and before shipping.
You can print out the "Domestic Parcel Shipping Label" from the EZPost website or fill in the "Designation Strip Label for Name and Address" and submit the parcel to the post office counter for processing.
For valuables, please ship them as value-declared parcels.
Domestic parcels can be posted at iBOX.


Weight limit: not more than 20 kg per mailpiece.
Size restriction.
Minimum size: Not smaller than 14x9cm. For cylinders: 2 times the length and diameter, not less than 17 cm in total, and the largest side's size shall not be less than 10 cm.
Maximum size: The total of length + width + height should not exceed 150cm.
Exception: If the contents of the package are indeed unable to be seperated, the weight can be flexibly relaxed to a weight limit of 30 kg per piece, and the size limit can be relaxed to a length of no more than 150 cm on either side, and the maximum perimeter other than the length is no more than 300 cm in total (i.e.: 1x length + 2x width + 2x height must not more than 300 cm).
Several items that are not packaged or sealed as one piece shall not be posted for delivery.
Parcels sent to Lishan Village and Pingdeng Village in Heping District, Taichung City and Huagang, Cuihua Village, Ren'ai Township, Nantou County are limited to 20 kg in weight and 120 cm in length, width and height.
The weight limit of domestic parcels posted for delivery by iBOX shall not exceed 20kg per piece, please refer to the iBOX Rates and Compensation Standards Table for size limit.