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EMS Door-to-Door CollectionService Description

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To facilitate the posting process, the Company has established a door-to-door collection service, which provides a convenient service that assists customers to transport the mail to their designated post office.

This measure is still in the initial stages and has not been popularized yet. However, the Company is now actively planning to further expand the service area, and scope of services in line with the development trend of the postal service market to provide better and more convenient service.

Target Customers

The target customers of the current service are limited to the Company's EMS Contract customers. In principle, general customers can go to the post office counter to send their mail by themselves, but if it is under certain circumstances and the local post office is approved to do so by the Company, general customers can also call the post office to notify the post office staff to come and collect the mailpieces. In the future, the service targets will be gradually expanded to general users after the manpower and transportation service capacity are improved.

Scope of Service

Currently limited to EMS. Parcels will be included in the service in the future.

Service Hours

For those who need to collect mail during or outside of post office business hours.

Service Method

EMS contract customers or general customers under certain circumstances can request the receiving post office to send staff to their homes to collect their shipments. The receiving post office will then send staff to receive the shipments according to the appointment or the time notified by phone.

Post Offices with EMS Collection Service

At present, the service area, service hour, and mail scope of door-to-door collection service vary from post office to post office. If  you would like to obtain this service, please call our local post office first.