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Domestic Speedpost ServiceDomestic Speedpost Service Description

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Service Description

Domestic Speedpost refers to the mail sent to domestic express delivery areas, which will be processed by air or road transport as soon as it is received by the post office and delivered to the recipient in the shortest possible time. Please refer to the mailing timetable for related delivery time standards.


For bulk mail, customers can sign a special contract with the post office, and when there are more pieces to be posted, you can call the post office to send staff to collect the mailpieces from your designated address, or you can bring the mail to the post office counter by yourself .
For general users, they have to go to the post office counter to send their mail. Currently, all post offices have set up "Doorstep Collection Centres". If the sender's location is within the scope of the post office's announced collection service and the collection standards, he/she can call the post office to notify the post office to send staff to collect the mailpiece.
Speedpost may contain letters, documents, information, and sample goods, but may not contain prohibited items as listed in Article 37 of the Regulations Governing the Handling of Mail. In addition to the prohibited items stipulated by the laws and regulations, such as items that are likely to harm or contaminate the mail or loaded transportation equipment; flammable, explosive, or other dangerous materials; radioactive items, live animals, and documents or items that are obscene and immoral; other items that are prohibited from circulation by law or prohibited articles.
The limit value of legal tender sent by Speedpost Value-Declared Mail is NTD 10,000 per mailpiece and NTD 50,000 per mailpiece for non-legal tender.


Weight limit of 20 kg per mailpiece. Dimensions limit:
The minimum size shall not be smaller than the dimensions requirement for letters.
The maximum size shall not exceed 100cm on any side, and the combined total length + width + height shall not exceed 150cm.

Payment Method

Postage will be paid by the general user at the time of posting for delivery.
After signing a special contract with the post office, bulk mailers will be required to make one month's pre-deposited postage, and then each time they post for delivery, the postage will be billed at the end of the month and the customer will be notified of the payment at the beginning of the following month.
Bulk mail contract customers may also designate to unify the postage to be paid by the recipient.
If you need to post a large volume of mailpieces for delivery, you can also call the post office to send someone to collect them.(Please contact your local post office for more details)

Enquiry and Indemnity

Please submit the original mailing receipt to the original post office (postal agency) within 6 months from the date of posting.
The Company provides an online tracking service. Please enter the tracking number of your registered mail on our website (Chunghwa Post website) to track your shipment.
Suppose a mailpiece is lost, stolen or damaged. The sender may apply to the post office, where the mailpiece was originally sent from, for compensation within 6 months from the date of posting by submitting the mailing receipt given by the post office at the time of posting.