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Postage Rates EnquiryCross-Strait Postal e-Packet

Last updated:2021/12/20 Print
Cross-strait Postal e-Packet


Please input the dimensions

cm × cm × cm ÷ 6,000

1. This postal service is calculated for any mailpiece of 0.5kg as a unit of billing and every fraction of a unit will be counted as weighing 0.5 kg.
2. This postal service has been calculated in the following way: Using the heavier of the volumetric weight and actual weight as the basis of billing, and the rate is based on the current standard. Length x Width x Height (cm) ÷ 6000 = Volumetric weight (kg).
3. If the postage rate of the mailpiece is calculated by volumetric weight (the actual weight shall not exceed 2kg), any volumetric weight over 2kg shall be calculated by adding NTD 20 for every 0.5kg, regardless of the region to be sent to.
Weight limit: Each mailpiece shall not exceed 2 kg in weight
Size limit:
Maximum size of each mailpiece: The length of any one side shall not be more than 60 cm and the total of the length+width+height is limited to 90 cm.
Minimum size of each mailpiece: It must not be less than 14x9cm in size.