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LogisticsPostal Logistics Introduction

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Postal Logistics Introduction


Distribution logistics:We have developed a range of solutions aimed at enhancing e-commerce delivery and enabling our clients to fully reap the potential of business growth. These solutions include express delivery, collection on delivery, reverse logistics, and so on.
Warehousing in Logistics:With well-equipped logistic centers, we can integrate your operations, including added-value activities, such as collecting, inspection, warehousing, value-added services, distribution, return service, multiple collection, IT service, etc.
Cross-border logistics:With strong partnerships forged links with the transportation industry, we offer domestic sellers a comprehensive solution by integrating collecting operations and transportation services to support to grow business.

Logistics Center

North Center:Neihu, Guting, Shenkeng, Zhonghe, Linkou,and Zhongli.
Central Center:Yingcai
South Center:Kaohsiung


Our logistics solution brings benefits for e-retailers and consumers alike:
North, Central, and South centers are connected to form a logistics network throughout the region
It brings more flexibility and choice for e-retailers, who can select different logistics centers to meet business needs.
Users can use WMS or LMS system to monitor data generated by different logistics centers.

More Information:

To find out more about the logistics service, please contact
Taipei Post Office (Neihu, Guting, Shenkeng center) TEL: (02)2311-4331 ext.6810
Banqiao Post Office (Zhonghe center) TEL: (02)2257-0132 ext.403
Sanchong Post Office (Linkou center) TEL: (02)2988-2776 ext.531
Taoyuan Post Office (Zhongli center) TEL: (03)336-0566
Taichung Post Office (Yingcai center) TEL: (04)2221-5121 ext.403
Kaohsiung Post Office (Kaohsiung center) TEL: (07)216-8935