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POST APP SectionIntroducing the POST APP

Last updated:2024/05/03 Print
POST APP The POST APP offers a range of services including savings, remittance, life insurance, postal services, philately, government bonds, and various query functionalities. As long as you have applied for iPost service, you can log in to the POST APP. After completing device authentication, you will gain access to various financial services, including bill payments, non-designated transfers, cardless cash withdrawals, QR code payments, and more. Scan the QR Code above or search for "行動郵局" (POST APP) on the APP Store/Google Play to download and install the app (minimum supported operating system versions are iOS 12 or Android 7.0 and above). Features of the POST APP:
Push Notifications: Personalized and instant notification messages provide peace of mind.
Branch Appointments: Convenient service appointments can be made online, allowing you to get a queue number and fill out forms in advance to reduce waiting time at the counter.
QR Code Payment/Collection: Scanning code for payments is reliable, no need to remember an account, and presenting a payment or collection code is perfectly fine.
Quick Login: You can easily set up biometric recognition or a pattern lock for effortless access, which makes transactions more convenient.
Cardless Cash Withdrawal: You can simplify cash withdrawals without a physical card by using your mobile phone as your ATM card.
How to Apply:
Apply Online
Apply at the Counter
Important Notes:
If you have forgotten your username and password for the iPost service, you can reset them at our ATM or WebATM using your postal ATM card.
If you do not have a postal account, you can open one at the counter. You can also apply for the iPost service or open a digital deposit account online. This will enable you to log in and use the POST APP.
If you need to apply for device authentication due to reasons such as getting a new device, please refer to the "Introducing Device Authentication Service" instructions.