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Mobile PaymentsGoogle Pay Service

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About Google Pay
Google Pay is an easy and safe payment method. Cardholders can just download the "Google Wallet" APP on Android mobile devices, add Postal VISA Debit Card into the APP, and then complete the identity verification, a valid virtual VISA Debit Card will be generated on "Google Wallet". Cardholders can make contactless purchases in-store or online shopping through "Google Wallet" after adding their cards in "Google Wallet".
Where to use
Cardholders can tap to pay with Google Wallet at worldwide physical or online stores with the VISA logo and "Google Pay" symbol.

※Postal Google Pay service is accepted where Postal Visa Debit Card is accepted. Some stores, such as PX Mart, Family Mart, 7-11, etc., only accept certain cards due to their contracts with banks. Currently Postal Google pay service is not yet cooperating with such stores.
Contactless Payment Total Limits for Domestic and Overseas Transactions:
Item\Card Type Postal VISA Debit Card(Including Mobile Payment service.)
Adult Minor
Per transaction $60,000 NT$20,000
Per day $60,000 NT$20,000
Per month $100,000 NT$100,000
Adjust Temporary Limit1(Valid for 30 days only) Per transaction $60,000
Per Day $150,000
Per Month $200,000
No Monthly Limit2
Transactions made by Postal VISA Debit Card, and Mobile Payment service share the same limit.
  • Cardholders can adjust purchase limits via our Post APP, WebATM, customer service hotline or over-the-counter request.
  • No-Monthly Purchase limits adjustment is required to apply in branch.
Card Lost:
After registering Google Pay service, if your mobile device is lost, stolen, robbed, defraudedor loss of misappropriation by other applicants or if any concern about fraud exists, please call our Customer Service center or go to the nearest post office with your national ID card to report the loss immediately. After completing the above procedures, Postal Google Pay service will suspended or terminated, but it will not affect the use of Postal VISA Debit Card.
Postal Customer Service Hotline: 0800-700-365
From mobiles, please call: (04)2354-2030 and call charges are applied.
From overseas, please call: +886-4-23542030 and call charges are applied.
Transaction Statements
Your statements will be delivered or emailed at the beginning of the month if you have made purchases via Google Pay and Postal VISA Debit Card. You can also inquire about the transaction details by listing your passbook or logging into iPost/APP or our WebATM.
Terms and Conditions
Cardholders should first confirm that the Postal VISA Debit Card has been activated “Card-non-present transaction” feature or overseas transaction feature before using Google Pay transactions on the online stores or in foreign stores.
Cardholders shall comply with the Postal Google Pay Service Special Agreement and the Postal VISA Debit Card Terms and Conditions and all applicable regulations.
How to Apply
The applicant shall be a R.O.C. national or a foreign national over the age of 16 (including a resident of mainland China) required to have a passbook savings individual account, integrated savings account included, equipped with an activated (instead of a lost, cancelled, or expired) Postal VISA Debit Card.
Application Procedure:
1.A valid Google account.
2.An Android device that supports NFC (Near Field Communication) function.
3.Screen lock on devices is necessary for transaction security.
4.Go to the "Play Store" to download the "Google Wallet" APP.
Registration steps
There is no need to present at our counter to apply for Google Pay service. Only completing adding Postal VISA Debit Card into the "Google Wallet" APP, and you can enjoy this service.