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Mobile PaymentsTaiwan Mobile Pay

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Taiwan Pay Overview
About Taiwan Pay
This service allows accountholders to use mobile devices (such as smartphones or tablet computers; collectively referred to as“mobiles”) and scan the Taiwan Pay QR code for payments (referred to as“the service”). Accountholders can make transfers or purchases through logging into our mobile application, selecting Taiwan Pay or“Scan QR Code”, scanning the Taiwan Pay QR Code, conducted based on the “Domestic QR Code Common Payment Standard”established by the Financial Information Service Co., Ltd., displayed by the receiver or physical/online stores. After verification procedures, successful payments will be deducted and instantly transferred into the designated account.
How to use Taiwan Pay:
You need to have a passbook savings account and register iPost and Device Authentication Service. After setting up a purchase account, you can make transfers, purchases and Smart Pay payments with Taiwan Pay. Cross-border electronic payments are deemed as transfers with ATM cards, and the enabled Non-designated Transfer feature is required.
Transaction Limits:
Account Transfer Limit:
Designated Account Transfer: NT$1,000,000 per transaction.
Non-designated Account Transfer (including account transfer purchase/payment): NT$ 50,000 per transaction; NT$ 100,000 per day; NT$ 200,000 per month.
The transactions are cumulatively calculated with the daily/monthly maximum amount of iPost( including our mobile application) account transfer transactions in total.
Smart Pay Limit: NT$ 50,000 per transaction; NT$ 100,000 per day; NT$ 200,000 per month.
The maximum payment amount per day for fee payments, Smart Pay, designated/non-designated/interbank/non-interbank transfers via automated services is up to NT$1,000,000.
Account Transfer Handling Charge: For transfer between post office accounts, no handling charge is required. For interbank account transfer, the handling charge is paid by the outward remittance account.
Cross-Border Electronic Payment Limit: NT$ 50,000 per transaction; NT$ 100,000 per day; NT$ 300,000 per month; the transaction handling charge is equivalent to transaction amount * 1% and is deducted together with the transaction amount from the account.
Use Precautions:
Account holders are required to ensure the information system security in the use of the mobile devices and shall be liable for any damages attributable to account holders.
When account holders make Taiwan Pay account transfers, account transfer purchase payments and Smart Pay transactions, etc., it is necessary to check the transaction information after scanning the QR Code. In case account holders fail to verify the transaction information due to negligence such that transaction errors occur, the Company is not responsible for making any correction. Account holders shall be liable for any damages caused.
Link to Instructions for Taiwan Pay