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ATM Cardless Cash WithdrawalAbout Cardless Cash Withdrawal

Last updated:2022/09/27 Print
About ATM Cardless Cash Withdrawal
This service allows our customers to withdraw from their Postal savings individual accounts, equipped with ATM cards or VISA Debit Cards (not report lost), at ATMs with Cardless Cash Withdrawal Password and the Cardless Withdrawal Serial Number or QR code (only for Postal ATM) generated from registered iPost and Device Authentication Service on our mobile application before the serial number expires (15 minutes).
Cardless withdrawal transactions have the same effect as those made with physical cards.
Clients who have bank accounts that provide Cardless Cash Withdrawals service are accepted to initiate Cardless Cash Withdrawals at Postal ATMs starting from October 12, 2017.
Cardless Cash Withdrawal is also available from interbank enabled ATMs. A $5 handling fee per transaction is applied.
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