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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Postal Life Insurance provides a relief plan with preferential interest rates for policyholders

Issued by: Life Insurance Office
Release time: June 25, 2021
  To alleviate the impact of the pandemic, in accordance with the government's policy, Chunghwa Post has provided a relief plan with a preferential 1.28% loan interest rate for postal life insurance policyholders with economically disadvantaged conditions:
Application: from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021.
Applicant qualifications (supporting documents or supporting materials are to be attached):
Physically and/or mentally disabled.
Low-income households or low- and middle-income households.
A member of families in hardship defined by the Act of Assistance for Family in Hardship.
Those who meet the qualifications for individual relief subsidies provided by the government.
Those who are affected by the pandemic and have financial difficulties:
Individuals who are employed: Insured policyholders have economic difficulties due to unemployment, unpaid leave, involuntary resignation, employers' reduced work hours, negotiated wage cuts, and reduced bonuses due to reduced employers' revenues.
Individuals who are self-employed: Policyholders have no employers (including but not limited to contractors, self-employed businessmen, freelancers, etc.), but have economic difficulties due to a decline in business revenues or suspension of business.
Applicable insurance policies: insurance contracts that are in force and that have accumulated non-forfeiture value and can be used for loans.
Loan limit: The maximum cumulative new loan for the same applicant is NT$ 100,000.
Loan period with preferential interest rate: 3 years.
The annual interest rate during the period with preferential interest rate: 1.28%. For loans that have not been repaid after the expiry of the period, the original loan interest rate applicable to the insurance policy will be automatically restored. Chunghwa Post provides a 24-hour customer service hotline (0800-700-365). It is for the use of policyholders.

In fighting against the pandemic, Postal Life Insurance supports policyholders and provides several cares and response measures

Issued by: Public Relations Division
Release time: June 02, 2021
  To show care to policyholders and to help people wade through the impact of the pandemic, Chunghwa Post provides several care services for life insurance policyholders and mortgage customers:
Relaxation of a claims settlement
For Chunghwa Post's daily hospitalization medical insurance products, when it comes to the daily hospitalization medical expenses of the insured persons due to the COVID-19 infection, in addition to the claims settlement in accordance with insurance policy regulations, the insured persons will receive financial support with fewer restrictions:
To provide comprehensive protection, those who are admitted to negative pressure isolation rooms due to the COVID-19 infection will receive compensation according to the criteria for those who are admitted into the intensive care unit.
For individuals who are diagnosed with COVID-19, if they are staying in an epidemic prevention hotel or quarantine center, instead of being admitted into hospitals as hospitals are full with patients, the insured individuals shall provide a COVID-19 diagnosis certificate and a quarantine center or an epidemic prevention hotel entry and exit certificate to file an insurance claim for hospitalization.
Deferred payment of insurance premiums
Insured policyholders and involuntary unemployed individuals who are infected with COVID-19 may apply for the extension of the grace period with supporting documents (3 months from the current payment date of insurance premium). An additional 3 months of the grace period will be granted for insurance premiums payment.
The newly added insurance policy loan is interest-free for 3 months
Insured policyholders and involuntary unemployed individuals who are infected with COVID-19 may apply for interest-free newly added insurance policy loans with proof documents. The loan will be interest-free for 3 months. The application is to be made within 3 months from the date of the incident.
Mortgage loan holders can defer principal payment for one year
Mortgage loan holders who are infected with COVID-19 or have difficulties in repayment due to the impact of the pandemic may submit the application with supporting documents within 3 months from the occurrence of the incident. After the application is reviewed and approved, the mortgage principal payment may be deferred for 1 year. Chunghwa Post also provides a 24-hour customer service hotline (0800-700-365). Please make good use of it.