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I am grateful for the decisions that I made in the past

Hsinchu Post Office
  You ask me, how does it feel like to work at the post office? I would say that meeting different people every day has enriched my life. If it were not for working in the post office to promote postal life insurance, I would not have the opportunity to know people and their lives. I would not have the opportunity to accompany them through all kinds of events in their lives. An insured student told me that graduating with a doctoral degree is an important moment because it was also the time to receive the life insurance payments. I recall that he knew little as a college student back then and now he knows what to do with his eyes shining with hope. I made the right decision at the time to sell insurance to him. Now, he would have the first savings in his life. What I do can provide people a sense of purpose in their lives.
  Many things can happen in life. A grandma told me that her life insurance payment is the last savings that she owns. Grandma loves her children and even doesn't save money for hiring foreign housemaids for herself. Over the past few years, she has been saving money from social welfare subsidies and investing it in insurance. Now, she has this amount of insurance payment to sustain her life with dignity. I made the right decision at the time to sell insurance to her.
  After several years of work, every opportunity to serve still touches my heart. An image of a lovely girl still appears in my mind. On her way home after signing the insurance contract, I received a picture of the girl and her postal baby money bank. In the photo, she has a big smile. The child signed her first insurance contract with her parents' company. It is a show of parents' love and responsibility. Every time I meet such a family, I see the beauty of the world.
  Once there was a young couple with a baby child. They came to the window to find me after receiving their first salary. I recognized them. A month ago, on the first day they moved to Hsin Fung, they took the postal life insurance advertisement that I distributed. I deposited the salary that carried the weight of responsibility into the wife's account. This money opened their expectations and hopes for a new life in a new place. They invested in postal life insurance and entrusted us to ensure the happiness and security of their lives.
  Policyholders have different motivations to save money and invest it in insurance. The money may be used to fulfill their dreams, for educational purposes, and living expenses when they get old. They buy insurance out of love, responsibility, or a sense of guilt they feel toward their family. When policyholders need money, we can accompany them through economic distress. It is our pleasure to do so. When the time comes to receive payment, some policyholders are surprised at the amount of money they have saved. Some of them are looking forward to it because they can use the money for their big plans now. It is a joy for them to receive money. When it comes to life insurance claims, the beneficiary is the person who policyholders care about most. We handle claims with a heavy heart. At the same time, we are thankful that we are chosen to pass down one's love for the person policyholders care about.
  Doing postal life insurance is a mission to me. Customers experience different life scenarios of joy and sorrow. I thank myself for having such courage to stand up and promote postal life insurance to customers in the face of rejection. The insurance policy provides customers support and security. Now because of the amendments to the law, postal life insurance protection is better than before. I am no longer afraid of rejection. I am convinced that postal life insurance can accompany customers through everything.

A Short Essay

Changhua Post Office
Under the warm sun, there is a gentle spring breeze and a busy life rhythm
Slowly turn on the ticking sound of the computer
Ring bell call number came one after another
A delicate and beautiful female guest walked in
After greeting the guest with a smiley face and understanding her intentions,
the gust inquires whether there is a savings plan to refer to
Demonstrate the professional quality of services to meet customers' needs
Clearly describe different policy plans
Understand the range for the insured amount that customers can afford
Achieved a NT$500,000 life insurance
  Time flies and five years have slipped away like sand flowing through glass bulbs. A boy with frown eyebrows and sad eyes appeared in the window. He said hello with a nervous tone to the woman who handled postal matters. The woman got up from the chair to find out what kind of business he had. The boy said insurance policy claim. The woman then immediately listed the required documents and explained them to the boy in detail. Afterward, like an old caring mother, the woman comforted the boy and encouraged him to eat more sweets. Do you know why there are sweets in this world? Life is bitter. Birth, sickness, old age, death, love, separation, resentment, greed, hatred, and ignorance are all things that are bitter. Some people will say that people are born to suffer. If you suffer too much, you will want to make some sweets. When you feel life is bitter, eat some sweets and it does not seem that life is bitter anymore.
  The boy slowly talked about his own life story. His father failed in business in the early years and at the same time, his cancer recurred. He passed away a long time ago, leaving the boy and his mother to take care of each other. The boy's mother worked hard to raise him and now already passed away. The boy was admitted into the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology's Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. On the eve of becoming a college student, he lost his mother. He felt extremely uncertain and that there was no one to rely on. Fortunately, his mother has a life insurance policy and the insurance became a life savior for the boy. He now has something to hold on to and can get settled down. He no longer lives a precarious life like a boat afloat with no direction.
  In the scorching summer, as cicadas were buzzing with high pitch, the aunt saw the boy's smile. He said hello to the aunt and gave her a cup of juice. It had been a long time since the aunt saw the boy last time. It was a summer break. The boy came to withdraw money and stopped by to say hello to the aunt. The boy's smiling face was like warm sunlight lightening the entire postal office. One's drowsy head immediately became awake. Thanks for the warmth that the boy brought in. The aunt chatted with him about his recent life. The boy talked freely about the interaction with classmates and professors. He was full of vitality. It seems that the past difficulties no longer bothered him. In the later years, the aunt often saw the boy in the summer. The boy was always saying hello in a friendly way. His visits had brought joy and warmth to the daily work routine.
  The aunt has worked on the matters of deposit and wire transfer for more than twenty years. She works hard every day, pays attention to details, and completes each task with a strong sense of responsibility. With many ups and downs, she has had different experiences but she does not lose her original intention—to help others and serve others. She realizes that encouraging people to buy insurance can be a good deed because it urges people to save money and guides those who usually spend all of their money at the end of each month to change their habits.
  Small savings cannot be treated lightly. There is no need to over compliment customers who have a large insured amount. There is no need either to be overly confident about oneself when one's customers have a large insured amount. The important thing is to work hard for the objective set forth by the company and for the objective of helping others set by themselves. According to Buddha, saving a person's life is better than building a seven-storied Pagoda. Although selling insurance is not a great enterprise, it is a life-saving deed! Will you not agree?
  Good words make people feel like they are living in warm March. Good words will console people and make them feel the power of comfort. Good words are like a lotus flower coming out of the mouth. This is the law of karma. Even a small good deed will develop into a harvest of good karma. A small bad deed, however, will develop into major bad karma. Be cautious and be fearful, like walking on thin ice. This is something to share with you all.

Invisible Gift

Chunghwa Headquarters
  An invisible gift is like a mountain, steady and reliable. An invisible gift is like winter sunshine, gentle and warm. An invisible gift is like a mother's soft hand, holding me fearlessly to move forward under all weather conditions. To me, an invisible gift is postal life insurance.
  Recalling my first year working at the post office, I was not familiar with all types of services including postal services, deposit and wire transfer, and life insurance. In interacting with customers, I was so nervous that my heart was beating quickly. After receiving customers' passbooks and deposit slips, I then started to handle requested services. I was afraid that customers would hear my quick heartbeat. Today, I still feel the nervousness and worries that I had in the past about making mistakes.
  As time passes and my experience accumulates, the distance that I feel with customers has gradually shortened. “Good morning, Grandma Wu, are you coming to receive the elder pension this month?” “Good morning, Boss Lee, can I help you with interbank remittance today?” For me, customers are like friends. When I first learned how to sell life insurance, my senior colleagues mentioned that life insurance is a long-term or even a lifetime commitment to our policyholders. Life insurance provides certain protection to customers. However, the benefits of life insurance are intangible, and thus many people do not discover them. They are not aware of the hidden risks or crises around them. When unexpected accidents occur, one is left with panic and needs to face with uncertain future. Therefore, in addition to reaching the performance goal set forth by the company, helping others is also my motive. Carrying a mentality of helping others, I started to sell life insurance. Even when I was rejected, I did not feel discouraged. Perhaps due to my perseverance or because customers feel my sincerity, I started to do better and my performance assessment also steadily improved. In the Postal Life Insurance Elite Training Course that year, I won second place in the individual group, which is a great ability affirmation and encouragement to me.
  In the process of selling life insurance, there are pleasant surprises and setbacks. There are happy times and frustrating times. I still remember what happened on the day when I was in another post office to help to handle postal matters. An aged man slowly took out his passbook, seal, and withdrawal slip. He wanted to withdraw a small amount of money. I then realized that his savings had exceeded the maximum interest rate. I reminded him that the excess deposit amount did not accrue interest and recommended that he consider the policy of Elderly Value-Added Repayment Insurance. After a detailed explanation, the old gentleman was very interested in buying the insurance. He believed that life insurance provides protection and is also a way of savings. He asked whether his minor granddaughter was able to become the beneficiary. After a detailed inquiry, I discovered that the old gentleman was the legal guardian of the little girl. The little girl's parents passed away in a car accident a few years ago. Because it was necessary to meet the beneficiary in person and for the beneficiary to sign documents, we then decided to meet in the lobby of the residential building where the old gentleman lives after work hours. As I arrived at the meeting place, a little girl suddenly appeared and ran to me. “Hello, Miss!” She said, behind her was the old gentleman that I saw in the afternoon. The grandpa caressed the little girl's head gently with affection. At the moment the insurance policy was signed, I realized that the day was the little girl's birthday. The little girl was clamoring for her grandpa to buy her a Pepa Pig cake! After another round of explanation and signing documents, I waved and said goodbye to them.
  When I got home, the little girl's smile remained vivid and unforgettable for a long time. It turned out that the old gentleman passed his love for his granddaughter through postal life insurance. The old gentleman sent an invisible gift to his granddaughter. What a heart-warming and precious gift.

Father's Treasure

Chiayi Post Office
  On a given Monday which was as busy as usual, I pressed the number button and saw two sisters walk toward me timidly. They held a yellow piece of insurance policy document and asked me in a low voice: “Hello Miss, before my dad died, he said that this is a treasure. Do you know what this is?”
  After some detailed inquiries, I got to know the names of the two sisters, Han and Chen. They were in their third year of senior high school and the second year of junior high school respectively. Their father was working at the construction site and always sweating a lot under the sun. He risked his life to carry stuff in high places to make money for his family. Because of health issues with legs, the two sisters' mother manually produced parts of consumer goods at home to earn some money. Although life was hard, family members got along with each other and there was harmony and happiness.
  Unfortunately and unexpectedly, the scaffolding at the construction site accidentally collapsed one day. The two sisters' father fell from a more than ten-stories height and was buried by mud and scaffolding. When he got rescued, he had no breathing or a heartbeat. As the news of his death reached home, the two sisters and their mother could not help but hugged together and cried for a long time. For the two sisters, it was hard to believe that their beloved father died like this. However sad they felt, they needed to let their father rest in peace. Their father did not have labor insurance and thus family members could not receive occupational disaster relief subsidies. The two sisters and their mother needed to raise money from relatives and friends. There was little left after the father was buried. The older sister Han had just been admitted into a national university, but she was thinking to give up on education and started to work to shoulder life burdens so that her mother would not worry about livelihood. She could also provide financial support to her younger sister to complete her education. They had everything planned out. When the two sisters were sorting out their father's belongings, they found a postal life insurance document that was carefully stored in a wooden box at the bottom of the closet. They recalled that their father had shown this insurance document to them before and said with a smile that this is a treasure for you two. They did not take it seriously at the time. Now that their father had died suddenly, the two sisters decided to bring this document to the post office to understand what it is about.
  Every cloud has a silver lining. It turned out that the document is the Kang Shun Insurance Policy with an insured amount of NT$2,000,000 and the period of insurance is 20 years. The insurance policy was recommended by my colleagues at the time when the father came to the post office to deposit money. The father was hesitant in buying insurance. Since the family's life was already difficult, it could get worse if money was used to pay for insurance. However, at the time my colleagues at the post office explained to him that it is uncertain whether one will see tomorrow. The danger may come first, and it is common knowledge that working at the construction site is of high risk. For our beloved family members, it is necessary to establish a safe haven and pass down the father's love. After listening to these words, the father had a sudden realization and decided to buy this insurance to protect his beloved wife and daughters.
  The two sisters could not help crying after hearing this. When the father was alive, he rarely expressed his emotions in words, but this insurance policy said it all. The father's love was silent but profound.After completing the paperwork for the insurance claim, the two sisters thanked the post office staff repeatedly. They were grateful that they were now able to wade through difficulties. Seeing their gratifying smiles, I also deeply felt that the post office's life insurance that we sell has a great impact on people's lives. It is not merely a product. It delivers care and love. It brings customers security and is also a treasure.

Secure Love and Health-Postal Life Insurance

Taipei Post Office
  Chen was a chef with a nice smile. He always welcomed people with a smile wherever he went and was deeply loved by friends and customers. But behind the smile, there is a sad story. Chen's parents died since he was a kid. He lived with his younger sister, Lin. Lin suffers from severe liver disease from birth, and she needs to return to the hospital regularly for follow-up examinations. To maintain his family's livelihood and earn medical expenses for his sister, Chen started to work after graduating from junior high school. From part-time jobs, restaurant waiters, to night market stalls, as long as there is a way to make money, he would work hard for it in hope that his sister will have a better life. Chen's cooking skills were superb, and the restaurant where he worked happens to be near where Lin's school is. The teachers and students from that school like to eat in the restaurant where he worked. Chen was working hard to make money but he was reluctant to spend money on himself. His shoes and clothes were always worn out. He wanted to save more money to treat his sister's illness. Chen developed a habit to write every night before going to bed. He always muttered to himself: “earn more money to buy postal life insurance and give sister more life protection.” Because the voice is too low, Lin always asked curiously about what his brother was saying. Chen did not answer clearly and hid his notebook after writing. Lin could not get any answer so quit asking. One day, Lin fainted at school and was sent to the hospital. The doctor said to Lin: “Don't worry, your brother has already prepared medical expenses.” At this moment, Lin finally understood why Chen had been working hard to make money. Fortunately, because of the doctor's efforts and good opportunities, the liver suitable for Lin was finally available in time. The surgical operation was successful. Lin was rescued from death. But, when she woke up, she would never see her brother's smiley face again. The doctor told Lin that on the day she fainted, her brother was hit by a speeding truck while crossing the road on the way to the hospital. Later, Lin received her brother's belongings handed over by the doctor and found that the little notebook she had always wanted to read was stained with blood. Chen's handwriting was messy and crooked, but the contents about his sister's preferences and reminders were heartbreaking. He wrote:
My sister likes to go to bed late and cannot get up in the morning. I am afraid that this will have a negative impact on learning.
My sister likes sandwiches to go with coffee in the morning. Remember to get up early in the morning and make her breakfast before going to work.
My sister has a bad temper. When she is angry, do not argue with her.
My sister is in poor health and needs to go to the hospital often for follow-up examinations. Even if I am busy with work at hand, it is necessary for me to accompany her because she is my only family member in the world.
I will work hard to make money to cure my sister's disease.
In addition to making money for my sister's medical treatment, I also need to set aside some money from my salary every month to purchase postal life insurance (entry-level version) to protect my sister in the future.
  After reading her brother's little notebook, Lin cried and lost her voice for a long time. For her own sake, her brother tried so hard to save money and continue to purchase postal life insurance. Her brother wanted to cure her illness and give the family a little more protection. Later, Lin went to the post office to handle her brothers' death insurance claim. She felt strongly about the importance of having insurance. Lin also told her friends about what happened to her and recommended postal life insurance to her friends. She is extending her brother's love and care to others.