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Domestic RemittancesOverview

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Postal money orders:

Secure, convenient, freely accepted

Money orders are sent to the payee via the remitter's own registered mail.
Money orders can be redeemed at all online post office nationwide.
Each money order may be for up to NT$500,000, and the remittance fee is NT$30
Money orders have a valid redemption period of 3 years.

A batch money order purchase form may be made out when purchasing multiple money orders.
If the transaction amount exceeds NT$500,000 (inclusive), please refer to the explanation concerning documents needed in the "Q&A" section.

Remittance into an account:

Fast, secure, and with safeguards.

Remittances are transmitted online into payees' accounts, and the payees can make immediate withdrawals.
No limit on amount of remittance; a fee of NT$30 is charged for each remittance.
Each remittance is limited to NT$2.0 million when mass remittances are made; makes remittances mare convenient for agencies, companies, and other businesses.
Sending cash by wire:

Send cash quickly and conveniently.

A letter can be attached, and many customer-friendly options include different colors of letter paper. Suitable for all important family occasions.
Each remittance may be up to NT$80,000.
Postal Gift Coupons:

Letting you send your feelings on important family occasions.

Postal Gift Coupon face values: Congratulations coupons: NT$600, NT$1,000, NT$2,000, and NT$3,000; regular coupons: NT$300, NT$500, and NT$1,000.
Postal Gift Coupons are not in the recipient's name, and can be cashed immediately. When the amount redeemed exceeds NT$30,000 (inclusive), the person conducting the transaction must display an ID document.
Postal Gift Coupons may not be reported lost.
A fee of NT$15 is charged for each coupon, and a discount is provided for large purchases.
Postal interbank remittances:
Remittance limits:
Outward remittances: Each remittance may be for up to NT$50 million.
Inward remittances: The maximum amount of each remittance shall depend on the regulations of the remitting bank.
A bulk interbank postal remittance application form may be filled out when making multiple interbank remittances.
Remittance fees:
They fee of NT$30 is charged for remittances of less than NT$2 million, and an additional fee of NT$10 is charged for every additional increment of NT$1 million (increments of less than NT$1 million shall be considered to be NT$1 million).
Inward remittances:
Both post office passbook savings online post office accounts (apart from teachers/civil service, employee severance fund accounts, and special purpose accounts) and giro savings account can accept inward remittances from other financial institutions.
When remittances are made into passbook savings, name of beneficiary bank:
"Postal passbook savings account" (financial institution code: 7000021) 14 places for the account number (7 places for post office, 7 places for the account number).
In the case of the inward remittance of a giro, name of the beneficiary bank:
"Postal giro" (financial institution code: 7000010) 8 places for account number.
Working time for processing an outward remittance:
Regular business days (Monday through Friday): 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Post offices with open hours on holidays and after 3:30 p.m. on regular business days: Can accept remittances, but will not enter them into accounts until the next banking day (when the accepting post office has business hours).
Post offices with extended hours on regular business days (5:30 to 9:00): will not accept outward remittances.