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Electronic Payment Service (Account Link Payment)Introduction

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Information on Postal Account Link Payment:
"Account Link Payment Platform" allows Postal depositors to use the electronic payment account to designate the “Account Link Payment” on electronic payment platforms which is cooperated with us and already activated Account Link Payment service. After the authorization verification is complete, the depositors can use the service to perform transactions (such as consumer shopping, value addition, etc.) on the platforms. The transaction amount is deducted from the depositor's account directly such that the transaction is more convenient.
Use Information:
This service is limited to personal accounts and to link to depositor's Postal account only.
When a depositor performs the designated “Account Link Payment” on the electronic payment platform which is cooperated with us and already activated Account Link Payment service, according to the electronic payment platform interface, after one of the following methods is selected for the authorization verification and the verification is successful, online transactions can be made (such as consumer shopping):
WebATM: Use Postal ATM card with a card reader then input the ATM card password. Once the system checks and verifies the password to be correct, the verification is complete.
iPost: Use iPost username and password to log in the verification page and then perform text message OTP verification to complete it.
If the depositor plans to cancel the linked account setting, he or she may submit an online application on the electronic payment platform, contact our customer service center via telephone, or go to our branches in person. However, once the cancellation is applied to us directly, if there are multiple electronic payment accounts on one single electronic payment platform designated to link to one identical postal account, all the links will be canceled.
When the designation of linked account completed, payment deduction from linked account or return fund finished, or a linked account cancelled, the notification will be sent to the e-mail address saved at our database provided by the depositor.
Transaction Limit:
For each linked Postal account, the maximum transaction amount is NT$ (same currency below) 50 thousand per transaction;100 thousand per day;200 thousand per month.
When the depositor sets multiple electronic payment accounts to one identical Postal account on one single or multiple electronic payment platforms, such transaction amounts are calculated cumulatively in total.
For account safety, when the depositor sets “Account Link Payment” linked to designated Postal account successfully, the maximum transaction amount on the electronic payment platform is 10 thousand for each setting. The limitation will be restored as above after 24 hours.
The cooperative electronic payment platform may further specify its own transaction limit within our limit amount depending upon the security design.
Qualification and Handling Charge for Institutions Applying for Cooperation:
Electronic payment institutions approved by the Financial Supervision Commission;
Institutions engage exclusively in business of electronic payment.
Banks concurrently operate the electronic payment business.
Application Procedure: Please contact Marketing Section of Department of Savings & Remittances, Telephone at (02)23931261 Ext: 3660.