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Whistle-blowing channels:
In order to encourage the reporting of illegal activities and to establish an ethical business environment, Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd has established effective channels for whistle-blowing. If you find any of our staff engaged in any of the following crimes, frauds or conducts in violation of regulations, you may report to our company through the following means and channels :
Special-purpose mail box: P.O. BOX 610, Taipei Beimen, Taipei City 10099
Email address: whistleblower@mail.post.gov.tw
Special-purpose telephone number: (02)2396-9104
Cases that are accepted and handled:
Embezzlement or misappropriation of public funds.
Illegal possession and unauthorized disposal of the company's property.
Falsifying or altering documents, providing incorrect information, which mislead decisions and cause losses to the company.
Disclosure of the company's internal secrets and customer relations information.
Accepting bribes or engaging in corrupt practices when handling the affairs under one's charge or supervision, which directly or indirectly brings interests to oneself or a third party in an illegal manner.
Engaging in conducts in violation of laws and regulations.
Other conducts which damage the reputation of the company.
Ways of reporting:
The whistleblower may make a report to the company by writing, e-mail, fax, phone or other means, stating the following:
Whistleblower's full name and contact details (address or telephone number).

In the event that the whistleblower is a company, a contact person and contact details should be provided

Name or other personally identifiable information of the party being reported.
To provide facts and evidence for the investigation of the crime, fraud, or violation being reported.
The circumstances in which the company may not handle the reported case:
Reporting anonymously or without giving a real name.

Unless the cases reported come with concrete details and verifiable routes.

The contents of the report are deemed as malicious attack, false accusation,

being not in violation of laws or being without details.

The same case is repeatedly reported after having been properly dealt with and having been given a definite reply.

Unless a new and specific evidence is able to be provided to prove that a new investigation of the case is necessary.

Issues other than the aforesaid cases which can be accepted and handled by the company.