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Stamp ServicesPersonal Information Notification

Last updated:2021/11/26 Print

Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”)may collect,process,use or internationally transmit your personal information. In compliance with the Taiwan Personal Information Protection Act (the "PIPA") and other relevant laws and regulations, the Company notifies you of the following matters:

1.Specified Purposes for the Personal Information Collection
In order to facilitate postal services, stamp collecting services, banking services and other services the Company is registered and permitted to provide. The purposes listed above may include the following activities: business operation, rick management, internal audit, legal compliance, customer service, corporate management, information provision, marketing promotion, membership recruitment and other activities required by laws or government authorities.
2.Categories of Personal Information to be Collected
Name, Date of Birth, I.D. Card Number, Passport Number, Marital Status, Family, Household Records, Education, Occupation, Work Address, Phone Number (Including Business Number and Mobile Number), Mailing Address, Household Address, Email Address, Financial Conditions (including but not limited to income, assets, liabilities, debts, credit rating, investments, insurance and account or card numbers affiliated with those), and other personal information the Company is registered or permitted to collect.
3.Time Period, Areas and Manners of Use of Personal Information and Entities to Use Personal Information:
(1) Time Period: The Company may use the personal information until the later of: (i) the purpose of collecting the personal information ceases to exist; or (ii) the data retention period required by laws and regulations, necessary for the Company to conduct its business (in case longer period required by laws and regulations), or agreed in the respective contract lapses.
(2) Entities to use personal information: The Company; relevant domestic and overseas government authorities; financial supervisory authorities or authorities with legal power of investigation; court; entities working with the Company for joint marketing or cooperative promotions; domestic and overseas outsourcing vendors; recipients of internationally transmitted personal information not subject to restrictions imposed by the central government regulators; other organizations who have business relationship with the Company and their outsourcing vendors; any third party to whom the Company is legally or contractually obliged to provide personal information; any entities to whom you agree to provide personal information.
(3) Areas where personal information is used: Any jurisdictions where the entities described in the preceding paragraph are located.
(4) Manners of using personal information: The personal information will be collected, processed,used, and internationally transmitted through automatic machine or non-automatic methods via electronic documents, paper format, telephone or fax in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.
4.You May Exercise the Following Rights with Respect to Your Personal Information:
In accordance with Article 3 of PIPA, you may exercise the following rights regarding your personal information by contacting the Company's customer service center (0800-700-365; +886-4-23542030)or visiting any branch of post offices:
(1) Request to inquire, review or make duplications of the personal information. According to law, the Company may charge a reasonable fee to those who exercise the aforementioned request;
(2) Request to supplement or amend any inaccuracies of the personal information, with reasonable explanation provided for such request;
(3) Request to discontinue collection, procèssing, use, as well as the deletion of personal information. However, in accordance with the regulations, the Company has the rights to refuse such request when the personal information is required for business operations.
5.According to the regulations, it is of the Company's duty to protect every client's personal
information. In order to protect one's interests, the option of not to provide the information is available. However, if the required personal information is not provided or incomplete, the Company might not be able to deliver certain services or proceed with the application made by you.