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Special 205 Forest Resources Postage Stamps (1984)

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Stamp SN D205
Stamp Name Special 205 Forest Resources Postage Stamps (1984)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Forest, Environmental Protection
Issue date 1984-03-12
Suspersion date 1984-09-12
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 37x29
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Color Printing Co. Inc., R.O.C.
Designer Yen Ki-shih
Creative Director
Sheet composition S205.1-205.4 10×10
Print color
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Locally-made mat finished,
watermarked stamp paper
with gum
Perforation 13 1/2 x 14
   To arouse public attention to the importance of forest resources to the people's livelihood, this Directorate released a set of four stamps on March 12, 1984-Arbor Day.The four 2.00 stamps are arranged in a se-tenant block. While the block features a whole design, each of the four stamps depicts a distinct aspect, i.e.forest resources, soil conservation, forest recreation, and forest conversion.