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Payroll deposit serviceOverview

Last updated:2022/05/03 Print

Institutions, schools, associations, companies and factories hire many workers and employees. When it comes time to pay salaries, they can entrust post offices to transfer salaries to the passbook accounts of their workers and employees.

Service features:
Distributing salaries for you and providing the most considerate services.
Salaries being transferred directly by direct electronic transfer service swift and convenient.
When salaries are directly transferred to accounts, tax-free interest is calculated immediately.
The risks of physical transfer of cash are reduced.
media to transfer and deposit
(1) Preferential interest rates are given to those using media disk or Internet connection to perform direct transmission of fixed monthly deposits (please consult interest rates of postal services chart).
(2) Waiver of inter-bank withdrawal service fees three times each month.
(3) Salary amounts from payroll transfer enjoy waiver of 10 inter-bank withdrawal service fees per month, and 10 inter-bank transfer service fees each month (does not include nationwide bill/tax payment service).
(4) Discount on service fees when subscribing to domestic funds. Please click on the fund service link for further information.
(5) If a customer does not transfer salary during any one month, the account will be converted to the general interest rate from the 10th of the month following the month in which transfer is suspended; waiver of inter-bank withdrawal service fees and inter-bank transfer service fees will be cancelled from the 1st of the month following the second month in which transfer is suspended.