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Special 224 Chinese Potted Plants Postage Stamps (1985)

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Stamp SN D224
Stamp Name Special 224 Chinese Potted Plants Postage Stamps (1985)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Flower Arrangement && Bonsai
Issue date 1985-09-22
Suspersion date 1986-03-22
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 28x33.5
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Color Printing Co.Inc.,R.O.C.
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×10
Print color
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Locally-made mat finished,
watermarked stamp paper
with gum
Perforation 13 1/2
  The theme of potted miniature plants was carried out on this set of four stamps. They feature an oak tree, a five-leaf pine, a Lohan pine, and a banyan tree.   The art of potted plants originated in China, where it has been loved since ancient times by the literati. And now it has been developed as a form of art valued by people the world over. A well organized potted plant provides a beautiful scene, a view that calls for a poem for a world, though small, that we have always loved.