Special 220 Ancient Chinese Ivory Carvings Postage Stamps (1985)

Stamp SN D220
Stamp Name Special 220 Ancient Chinese Ivory Carvings Postage Stamps (1985)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Antiques, Navigation
Issue date 1985-07-18
Suspersion date 民國75年07月18日
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 40x30或30x40
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Color Printing Co.Inc.,R.O.C.
Photographer Wu Cheng-fang
Creative Director
Sheet composition 10×10<br>
Print color
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Locally-made mat finished,<br>watermarked stamp paper with gum<br>
Perforation 13 1/2


  In conjunction with the Chinese Cultural Renaissance Movement, this Directorate released on July 18, 1985 a set of four stamps featuring carved ivory. The National Palace Museum in Taipei has recommended four pieces from its Ching Dynasty Emperors' collection for the set.

  For easy reference, the four pieces of ivory carvings in this set of stamps are briefly described as follows:

2.00 Carved ivory dragon boat

3.00 Carved ivory landscape

5.00 Carved ivory water container in melon shape with stem and leaves

18.00 Open-work carved ivory brush-holder with figures