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Charity 4 North Vietnam Overseas Chinese Relief Surtax Stamps (1954)

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Stamp SN E004
Stamp Name Charity 4 North Vietnam Overseas Chinese Relief Surtax Stamps (1954)
Stamp Cat Standard Surtax Stamps
Stamp Cat Relief
Issue date 1954-10-01
Suspersion date 1955-02-01
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 23x32
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Engraving & Printing Works, R.O.C.
Designer Y. S. Lin
Engraver Pao Liang-yu
Creative Director
Sheet composition (5×5)×4
Print color
Process Intaglio
Paper 60-lb woodfree printing
Back Gumless
Perforation 11 1/2
  The signing of the Indo-China ceasefire agreement in Geneva on July 21, 1954 resulted in a divided Vietnam. Thousands of overseas Chinese in North Vietnam, unwilling to stay behind the Iron Curtain, evacuated their homes and went to South Vietnam.  In response to the wide-spread campaign for their relief, the Directorate General of Posts issued a set of stamps on which a surtax was collected as relief funds.  The stamp design is a picture of young and old refugees fleeing over a pontoon bridge constructed by their mother country, from a war-stricken area to an area of freedom.