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Sp.598 New Year's Greeting Postage Stamps (Issue of 2013)

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Stamp SN D598
Stamp Name Sp.598 New Year's Greeting Postage Stamps (Issue of 2013)
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Lunar New Year, Zodiac, Myth
Issue date 2013-12-02
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 34 × 26(mm)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.) 110 × 76(mm)
Printer Cardon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Designer Tseng Kai-chih
Creative Director
Sheet composition 20(5 × 4)
Print color Colorful
Process Offset
Paper Phosphorescent stamp paper
Perforation 13
To welcome in 2014, the year of the horse, Chunghwa Post is releasing a set of two stamps and a souvenir sheet featuring the upcoming year’s animal sign. The vividly depicted striding and galloping horses convey a sense of New Year’s festiveness and auspiciousness. The pastel yellow background and magical clouds provide the perfect backdrop for the vigorous horses. The images symbolize the youthful vitality of the year of the horse, and a coming year of steady good fortune. The designs follow:
1) NT$3.5 stamp: A high-spirited strapping steed strides forward, representing a good beginning.
2) NT$13 stamp: A jumping horse turns its head up for a backward look, symbolizing “success.”
3) NT$12 souvenir sheet: Two horses, galloping amid auspicious clouds, symbolize that “all is going smoothly.”
Two press sheets, stored in a poster tube, will be also released on the same day. Each of these uncut sheets comprises two panes of 20 stamps, with denominations of NT$3.5 and NT$13 each. Printer’s markings remain on the sheet margin. A certificate of authenticity is also included in the tube. Launched in 2009, this series of philatelic items are produced in limited quantities and very much worth collecting.
(1) FDC: NT$2 apiece.
(2) FDC in large size: NT$3 apiece.
(3) Folder (with and without mount): NT$5 apiece.
(4) Folder with mount for one souvenir sheet: NT$8 apiece.
(5) Loose leaf philatelic card: NT$16 apiece
(6) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with one NT$3.5-denominated stamp: NT$5.5 apiece.
(7) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with one complete set of stamps: NT$18.5 apiece.
(8) Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with one souvenir sheet: NT$15 apiece.
(9) Uncut press sheets in one poster tube: NT$1,000 a unit. No discount for large quantity orders.

To purchase the relative philatelic products, please go directly to the post office branches, or order on line at http://stamp.post.gov.tw
Chunghwa Post is following up with a “New Year’s Greeting Postage Stamps (Issue of 2013)” press sheet. This item will be available at the Postal Museum and the following post office branches: Taipei Beimen Post Office, Beitou Post Office, Neihu Post Office, Nangang Post Office, Muzha Post Office, Keelung Aisan Rd. Post Office, Banqiao Wunhua Rd. Post Office, Xindian Post Office, Shulin Post Office, Sanchong Zhongshan Rd. Post Office, Danshuei Post Office, Xinzhuang Post Office, Taoyuan Chenggong Rd. Post Office, Zhongli Jianguo Rd. Post Office, Longtan Post Office, Yangmei Post Office, Hsinchu Wuchang St. Post Office, Miaoli Zhongmiao Post Office, Taichung Minqyuan Rd. Post Office, Fongyuan Zhongzheng Rd. Post Office, Changhwa Zhongyang Rd. Post Office, Yuanlin Post Office, Nantou Sanhe Post Office, Douliou Xiping Rd. Post Office, Chiayi Wunhua Rd. Post Office, Chiayi Yushan Post Office, Tainan Chenggong Rd. Post Office, Xinying Zhongshan Rd. Post Office, Jiali Post Office, Xinxing Post Office, Fongshan Zhongshan East Rd. Post Office, Gangshan Post Office, Pingtung Minsheng Rd. Post Office, Yilan Zhongshan Rd. Post Office, Luodong Post Office, Hualien Guoan Post Office, Taitung Datong Rd. Post Office, Magong Zhongzheng Rd. Post Office.