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Sp.495 Native Flowers of Taiwan Postage Stamps

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Stamp SN D495
Stamp Name Sp.495 Native Flowers of Taiwan Postage Stamps
Stamp Cat Standard Special Stamps
Stamp Cat Flowers
Issue date 2006-11-03
Suspersion date
Dimension of stamps(mm.) 40 × 30 或 30 ×40 (mm)
Size of souvenir Sheet (mm.)
Printer China Color Printing Co., Ltd.
Designer Hung-tu Ko
Creative Director
Sheet composition 20 (5 x 4 or 4 x 5)
Print color Colorful
Process Deep etch offset
Paper Phosphorescent stamp paper
Perforation 11 1/2
Surrounded by water on all sides, Taiwan, although having a land area of only 36,000 square kilometers, has great diversity of topography and climate. With the different combinations of topography and altitude, tropical, temperate zone and arctic plants can all be found here. According to statistics, there are over 4,000 native vascular plant species (including ferns and flowering plants) in Taiwan, which make it a botanical treasure trove. In order to raise understanding and consciousness about the importance of conserving these native species, Chunghwa Post has asked Cheng Yuan-chun, the head of the Department of Botany at the National Taiwan Museum, to plan a set of three stamps on Taiwan's native flowers. Two stamps will have the denominations of NT$5.00, and the remaining one a denomination of NT$12.00. The designs of the stamps follow:  (1)Ludwigia octovalvis (NT$5.00): Ludwigia octovalvis, a wetland member of Onagraceae, is an annual/biennial aquatic plant  that can be found throughout the lower altitude areas of Taiwan in wetland habitats such as rivers, swamps, ponds, lakes and rice paddies. The plant has a woody base, which often gives it a shrub-like appearance. The leaves are linear to nearly ovate. It bears yellow flowers throughout the year.  (2)Hygrophila pogonocalyx (NT$5.00):  A member of Acanthaceae, Hygrophila pogonocalyx is a perennial aquatic plant. It has erect square columnar stems and lanceolate leaves in opposite pairs. Its flowers have light purple labiate corollas. It flowers from the middle of fall to early spring. In the entire world, wild stands of Hygrophila pogonocalyx exist only in the lower altitude areas of central and southern Taiwan.   (3)Titanotrichum oldhamii (NT$12.00):  A member of Gesneriaceae, Titanotrichum oldhamii is a perennial plant native to Taiwan. It is a common sight in rockery and by mountain creeks in humid low- to middle-altitude areas throughout the island. Titanotrichum oldhamii has elliptical or narrow ovate leaves that are tapered at the ends. In late fall it blooms yellow bell-shaped flowers one after another. The throat of the flower has dark brown nectar guides.  To purchase relative postage stamps, the public can go directly to the post offices, or order on line at https://stamp.post.gov.tw  
(1) First Day Cover to be sold at NT$ 2.00 apiece.(2) Folder especially prepared for the stamps to be sold at NT$ 5.00 apiece. (3) Folder with crystal mount for better protection of the stamps to be sold at NT$5.00 apiece. (4) Loose-leaf stamp album page with plastic cover to be sold at NT$ 8.00 apiece. (5) Pre-cancelled First Day Cover affixed with a low-valued stamp to be sold at NT$7.00 apiece. (6) Pre-cancelled First Day Cover affixed with a complete set of stamps to be sold at NT$ 24.00 apiece.